Sunday, September 29, 2013

This Week I...

This week I...

Hung out with my cats. We had to give the white one a flea bath!

Drank tea from a new thrifted mug!

Went shopping! My mom got me some little gifties!

Looked through some vintage photos at a junk shop.
What about you?

By the way, thanks so much to everyone who took my survey. Your feedback was very helpful!


  1. I ended up with a new cat; we picked up a stray. He looks a little bit similar to your black & white up there! Unfortunately he brought little flea-friends with him :( so we're treating the cats (the dog is already death to all insects due to the magic and wonder that is Trifexis) and I'm going to have to vacuum nonstop for like three weeks. Sigh. Oh well... new kitty!

    Also drank some pretty badass pumpkin beer and hard cider. I have a weakness for hard cider, and get all picky about the quality and taste and shit. Other people care what wine tastes like; I care about hard cider. The upside is that I'm the only person in my friends-group who actually likes it, so I get to have it all to myself if I bring some to parties.

    I guses you could count today as my weekend - I've got to make vet appointments for the new kitty and picked up my hemmed pants. Like a motherfucking adult.

  2. Damn that is a good mug. I love slightly ugly 70s stoneware mugs. My favourite one says 'dad' on it and has a picture of a rugby bloke lazing around with a cuppa.