Saturday, September 26, 2015

Good Decisions

Good decisions I have made lately:
Watching Girls
Buying these comfy pants (u cant see them but I'm wearing them now)
My haircut which is new in these pics but not anymore
Me and Trav are working on a comic!

PS You can still use code NEWKNEE25 for a discount in my shops please help me pay my rent during surgery :)

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Trick Knee

So I finally got my knee surgery scheduled, it's going to be on October 14th. The surgery itself isn't gonna be a big deal; but I will have to take a couple weeks off work to recover. Unfortunately I'm part time and I don't get paid sick days, so I'll be losing an entire paycheck's worth of income next month.

So I'm offering you all a discount in both my Etsy stores for 25% off, in hopes that I can supplement my income some! You can use code NEWKNEE25 in my art shop or my vintage shop! I may be a little slow in sending out orders after surgery hits, but the code will be active til November. If you've ever wanted a custom portrait, now's a great time to help a girl out!

In other news, this crop top was an A+ decision.

Thursday, September 10, 2015

Under the Weather

Oh wow the lighting is whack in these. But hey my apt is like 2 square feet so I do what I can! Here's proof that I do indeed still wear colors. I'm sick on the couch watching Law and Order right now, but I took these a few weeks ago when I was cute and alive.

On top of this cold, I had an MRI on my knee this week. Yknow, the one I injured while stretching (!) 6 months ago? Turns out it is in fact  a torn meniscus and I'm gonna need surgery. :P I hear its a pretty common operation, but what I'm really worried about is the recovery time! If I wasn't on my Mom's insurance I wouldn't have even gotten the scan, and I really can't be out of work. They don't exactly give sick days to retail employees, even if they work 40 hour weeks. Have any of you had experience with knee surgery? How long does it take to get back on your feet?