Sunday, July 29, 2012


 I really loved how these pictures turned out. I feel like I need to make a commitment to stepping up my oufit photography. There's something really sweet about a frilly collar and simple colors. Not to mention I love my straw hat.
 Say hi to my fat cat, Kit! He had an ear-mite infection recently and we had to give him these drops. So he has been kindof pissed off.
 The other day my mom said to me "Yknow, Rachel, I normally really like your outfits. But when you wear your socks like that you just look like a frumpy old lady." Thanks mom. I'm going to wear them like this anyway.
Also I'd like to share the "before" of this dress with you. Frumptastic, amiright? I hemmed it and took out the shoulderpads and now I just love it!

Friday, July 27, 2012


 Aw man I love this dress. And I kindof hate these shoes. They're so cute and then I put them on for 5 minutes and BAM! Blister city! I got this dress on my birthday thrifting trip and shortened it and chopped off the poofy sleeves. Sometimes I wonder if I'm buying some serious vintage items, and they I cut them up. But the point of clothes is wearing them, right? And I like to think I make things more wearable!
 This dress is like a party. And it's about a size too small, but I can get the zipper up and that makes it fair game!
 Look at how it swooshes!
 dress and shoes-thrifted
necklace-claires (like 4 years ago)

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Other Accounts

 I took one look at this picture and thought "oh my gosh how cute are my pudgey little elbows?" That was probably a pretty weird thought to have.
This dress is yet another birthday gift, from my Mom this time! Everyone got me clothes because that is what I said I wanted. It's from this little shop at the mall called Fiore Boutique, and it has a weird combination of really sweet dresses and southern paraphernalia. I don't know if you non-southerners have seen this sort of thing, but we have lots of shirts with initials and palmettos and "GRITS" (girls raised in the south) embroidered on them and it's kinda weird. It makes me feel strange that I like to shop at the same places these grits people do.
 This was a pin until I chopped the pin part off and made it a necklace. Those are my teensy chest hairs, you like?
 So I was all posing for the self-timer, and I swear I felt some spidery legs crawling up my shoulder. So there were a bunch of shots of me getting a little skeeved out like this.
So I currently have both a chictopia and a lookbook account. I'm trying to choose between them! I like the layout and navigation on lookbook better, but the community on chictopia seems to be friendlier.
 dress-fiore boutique
necklae and bow-diy

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

All Yellow

 So this whole outfit shoot thing was basically me figuring out how to work my new camera! My sister got me this shirt for my birthday. She picked it out and everything! I love it!
 I took all these in my backyard. There is apparantly a big old tree that just fell over back there that I just didn't know about. Looks dangerous.
 Also how about these new glasses? I think they're so cute! I've never had the kind with little plastic nose feet. What are those things called?
Nose feet pfft.

blouse-charlotte russe
jean shirt and shorts-thrifted
I know you can't see my necklace too well, but it is bona fide vintage! I got it from an ex-boyfriend's mom who owned it in the 60s. It has an "R" on it for "Ruth Ann". How nice was she to give it to me?

Monday, July 23, 2012

Recent Thrifts

Here are a few things I got out thrifting the other day. My neighbor's wife died, so he had an estate sale where I got these sweaters. A real sad way to get new clothes, huh?
I also got a little purse to add a strap to, and a belt buckle to add a belt to.
This one's from a Goodwill trip of the same day. It looks like some Victorian era lingerie, doesn't it!
I got a  lot more, but I'd rather show you the befores and afters once I alter them!

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Green Shoes!

 I wore this dress out to my birthday dinner with Travis! We went to a thai place and it was yummy. I'd also like to draw your attention to my wonderful birthday shoes! I know you've seen these suckers all over the fashion blog world, because Bait sent out a bunch to bloggers to advertise. And it worked, because I got them! I love them. I've never had such pretty shoes! I'm convinced they'll go with anything, which doesn't really make sense because they're kelly green, but whatevs.
Check out my messy gif!
shoes-bait via modcloth
necklace-made by me!

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Future's So Bright I Gotta Wear Shades

Hi guys! And hi from my bellybutton, too. In the past I was the first to say that showing off your mid drift is the opposite of classy. But I've come around! Showing my bellybutton makes me an eensy bit nervous, but I plan on wearing this with skirts that come up higher than these shorts in the future. And really, how could I resist this shirt? When I put it on I swear I heard a chorus of heavenly angels. Really.
I wore these sequined Converses to my junior prom and thought I was the coolest thing since sliced bread. Speaking of prom, here's a story from my senior year:
They had fishies in vases on all the tables. I remembered my math teacher telling us a story about how when she helped set up for past proms, they made her flush all the goldfish that were in a decoration fountain. I was determined not to let these fish meet the same fate. When it was time to leave, I grabbed a vase and stuffed it under my date's coat and walked right out. I passed my principal and he just smiled and handed me a free waterbottle! I named the fish Tom Cruise because I thought I was a spy like Mission Impossible.
Anyway, once I got the fish home I realized there were initials on the bottom of the vase. The prom committee had already claimed these fish! I felt so guilty I turned myself into the teacher in charge of it all. And lucky me, she said she had plenty extra and gave me another one.
Both those fish are now dead.
 I love this bag. It's got like, heiroglyphics on it! I got a new camera for my birthday (and my Mom and sister took me on a wonderful, big thrifting trip!) and these are the first pictures I did myself with the self timer! WOO! I am so excited to be able to take my own photos, now I can share DIYs with you guys!
 Like my dragonflies?
shorts, bag, top, belt, hat- thrifted
shoes-delias, I think, but maybe journeys
shades- jcpenny

Wednesday, July 11, 2012


I was organizing my mess of labels because I thought they worked like tags, and now I get that they don't. And somehow a couple of my really old posts got reposted? So I'm sorry about that!

Boys Like Fashion Too

In the spirit of diversity and fairness, how about some well dressed fellas?
My boyfriend Travis has an excellent sense of style in my opinion, and did even before I started forcing clothing on him! It's always hard to find nice clothes for dudes, at least in my price range, and Travis is on the small side, so Goodwill is pretty difficult too. Why such little focus on guy clothes in this industry? Let's change that!