Thursday, November 28, 2013

Art Lately + A Discount Code!


Hey hey! Here's some art I've done lately!

A couple business card designs.

A sketch I might paint when I have the time.

A scratchboard (!!!) piece from my inking class. A modern version of Penelope weaving her tapestry.

My final set of trading cards on Historical Heroines are done! I will have to find a convenient way to show you all 25 of them, maybe after I get the printed ones.

SO I'm doing Christmas Portraits now, so go check them out! They'd make a great holiday card to send to your loved ones. Plus everything in my shop is 25% off right now! Use code THANKU25 at checkout.

Wednesday, November 27, 2013


Oooh it is cold.

I thought me and my sister looked cute and matchy today, so I tried taking some photos. Can you believe people have asked us if we're twins?! Maybe we could pass for the fraternal kind. But it was so cold and cloudy out that they didn't turn out super... we were shivering the whole time. It's actually snowed twice already here this year (for like half a second, none of it stuck or anything), but we normally don't get any of that until after Christmas at the latest!

Emma is such a cutie!

I got this dress from Kate's online store, via Travis. I think I bothered him until he bought it, but maybe he found it charming (?) Anyway, I have it in blue and I love it. The white one is a little thin and makes my boobs look funny though, so I gotta figure something out about that.

I def. bought something in Modcloth's sale already, but I'm going to try and stay off the clothing sites until Black Friday has passed. Shit, I just remembered Cyber Monday is a thing :( HOWEVER, you can get 25% off in my shop til the 30th with the code THANKU25 which is a pretty big deal if you ask me.

Dress: Dear Creatures via Sweet and Lovely
Tights: They are ripped to shreds starting mid-thigh... but they're Romwe
Shoes: Walmart + DIY
Belt, Top: Thrifted
Brooch: Handmade by Me and in my shop!

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

All Black

Oh hi, didn't see you there!
I'm just loving this outfit for no particular reason. I really never wear all black, but I love the way it looks.

I wasn't even chilly because I had the brilliant idea to buy nude sweater tights to wear under my sheers! Genius, amirite? I swear I'm not hanging these cloths up behind me just as a backdrop. They are my senior thesis in progress, stamped fabric that will soon be turned to skirts. I like how they are turning out and I really hope my teacher will like them too!

Oh hey I've been watching a ton of anime lately. Haha. Not so great to do while working, since I have to read the screen, but I'm super into it. I've watched FLCL (you should too), Madoka Magica (very sad), and now Sword Art Online (probs the lamest of the three). On my list is Cowboy Bebop, Soul Eater, and Sailor Moon if I can find it! Give me your recommendations if you have any (but don't recommend Bleach plz).

Dress (worn as shirt): Idk, some boutique
Skirt: American Eagle
Shoes: Urban Outfitters
Tights: Target I think
Floral Crown: Made by me
Necklace: F21

I can't wait for the weekend guys. Wbu?

Monday, November 18, 2013

A Hat

Do you know how hard it is to find a baseball hat with nothing on it?

The semester is coming to an end pretty quickly here. I essentially only have a week and a half left! While that means good things like Christmas and relaxation, it also means scrambling to get work done. I normally handle my workload like a pro all semester and then when it comes to finals I freak out and convince myself that I have too much too much too much to do, when really, it's not that bad.

I am really frustrated that I said yes to working Black Friday, though. If you don't know, I quit my job. Yeah I don't even work there anymore, but I walked into American Eagle while shopping for my sister's birthday, and got wrangled into it! My shift is 11:30 Thanksgiving night to 7:30 AM the next morning. Here's hopin it'll go by quickly.

Oh and hey, I need more peeps to follow on Instagram! I'm floralprintz so follow me if you want!

Pinafore, Shirt, Belt: Thrifted
Necklace: Etsy
Hat: Walmart
Shoes: Urban Outfitters

Saturday, November 16, 2013

Plugged In

Hey guys, happy weekend!
I'm home for the first time in weeks, and it's really nice. I get to hug my cat and hang out with my family and cook myself things (like I've been doing that). It's also my sister's birthday (she's 20!) and we somehow ended up with 3 cakes in the house? We went shopping for her today, and you'll be proud of my for restraining myself. I didn't buy a thing! I did get roped into working Black Friday at American Eagle though. Ugh, I should have just said no.

Rockin this dwarf lookin hat today... my beanies aren't quite slouchy enough.

Dress: ASOS
Tights: AE
Hat: Walmart
Belt, Shoes: Thrifted
Necklace: Handmade by Me

Also, big news! I got a smart phone today! ((Finally joining the first world)) I swear I was like the only person I know who didn't have one. So I'm real excited to 1. Not get lost using printed directions, 2. Be able to iChat my boyfriend while he's in Italy, and 3. Use Instagram. Finally. My username is floralprintz if you want to follow me!

Wednesday, November 13, 2013


I cut my hair off in literally 5 cuts last night... and I really like this sort of awkward long bob length! I definitely want to go shorter, like off the shoulder, but I also don't want to say goodbye to my orange just yet. I miss my long hair, but those split ends were turning into split middles if ya know what I'm sayin.

This outfit is pretty unusual for me, kinda casual and tomboy. I like it though, it's comfy! The jeans are Calvin Klein circa 1980... before skinnies were in style obvi. I might take them in, I don't know what to do with all this extra space around my calves!

The yellow thing you see behind me is the beginnings of a patterned skirt for my thesis! Which I don't even know about anymore, I feel like I've gotten a lot of negative critique on it, and I'm just feeling kindof dull about it. And really school, period. I'm not even looking forward to break! Travis is going to be in Italy with his family and I'm going to be home with no friends and no job. When you don't have anything to look forward to it's easy to get depressed. I'm trying to maintain a positive attitude though, because I get annoyed with myself when I'm sad!

Jeans, sweater, cardigan, scarf, belt, bag: Thrifted
NASA Shirt: Target
Shoes: Modcloth
Necklace, earrings: Handmade by me

Monday, November 11, 2013

In the Studio

Taking pictures in the studio is my new thing. And I'm in this sweater labelled "The Studio" too! HOHOHO.

I found the sweater at Goodwill and was like "omg cool!" Upon later research, I learned that The Studio was a magazine we actually went over in my History of Graphic Design and Illustration class! It was published in the early 1900s and was a big part of the Art Noveau and Arts and Crafts movements. However, I think this actual sweater is more circa 1980s than 1910s.

It's starting to get cold out, and I had to change out of my heels just because my toes were getting chilly by nightfall! Most of my tights are at home, though, and it's making life hard for me.

Sweater, collared shirt: Thrifted
Pants: Gap
Shoes: Target

Also, hair talk: I know I say this all the time, but I'm thinking of going for a bob. Not only for cuteness, but for damage control. My bleached ends haven't been cut in at least 6 months, and I twirl my hair all the time. The other day in class I looked down and there were little shards of broken hair all over the table! But I really like my firey hair and I know it'll take forever to grow back out. This is essentially 3 years of growth you're looking at since my last bob.

I was also thinking of maybe going purple next.