Monday, November 4, 2013

This Week I...

Okay this is a couple week's worth of pictures sry.

I drew a ton of portraits for this project on historical women I'm doin!

I went to a party with a campfire.

Dried out last week's bouquet.

Photographed an excited-looking boyfriend. 

We're finally getting some color around here!

Sup wit you?


  1. I really hope we see the finished product(s) so to speak when it comes to the portraits of history's great women up there. I'm already fascinated and totally tried to pick out who was who (the only ones I'm sure of though are Cleopatra and Earhart).

  2. Ooohh the portraits look so cute already!! I love little collections/series like that. :) <3

  3. You are so good at drawing! BTW, is that a new header I see? I love it! Alex

  4. Man, that's one very excited boyfriend! Haha. I hope we'll get to see more of your project on historical women :)

  5. Ooh hoping to see more of this project!!