Saturday, December 29, 2012

You're A Star DIY

I know I have been super slack on the DIYs lately... mostly because I've been busy preparing for my shop launch (coming in January!) BUT ANYWAY.
(I like to pretend I'm not actually wearing too much blush and it's just a bad picture)

Ever since I saw these star pins on Modcloth, I've been wanting a pair of my own! And let me tell you. They are easy to make. I whipped up a pair to wear to my family's Christmas get together (and then got scheduled to work. I plan on wearing them into work instead).

Here's what you'll need:
 1. First, draw some stars (or whatever shape you want) on your paper, and cut them out.
2. Cover one side of the shape in glue. You can use a brush, or just smoosh it on there like I did.
 3. Now cover those suckers in glitter!
 4. Now you have to wait for them to dry, so go watch TV or something. Once they are dry you can shake off the excess glitter, and grab yourself a bobby pin.
 5. Last, hot glue the pin onto the back of the shape!
Now you're done! For extra security, you can tape the pin to the star over top of the hot glue... mine broke a few times.

Thursday, December 27, 2012

The Aftermath

 Hey guys hey guys I've got collar clips!
If you'd like to see how I made them, hop on over to my guest post on Elana's blog, Room 334!

In other news, I thought I'd share the spoils of my Christmas day with you!
Travis got me a moon clock that glows in the dark and some lipstick. My sister (who hates shopping at Goodwill) got me two of the CUTEST Goodwill finds I've ever seen - a peter pan collared dress and a polka dot sweater. I also got some really fabulous shoes, some paint, and a wood carving set from my dad!
The rings are from etsy. I sent my Mom two links and she bought me both because she is a sweetheart. I love them so much.

The day after Christmas I went to work and LOST my pretty topaz ring! I cried for like half an hour, and in the morning my sister was like, "Wut it's right here." On the floor next to the ironing board.

So here's an outfit featuring my cute sheep sweater and my pretty Tstraps.
 I'm pretty sad that Christmas is over. I got Travis a set of Star Trek glasses and some fancy coffee. For Em (that's my sister... her name is Emma) I got a set of Scrabble magnets that probably cost more, but paled in comparison to her gifts to me. I got Mom a scarf and some coffee, and Dad some nice pumpernickel bread. His Mom was German and they spent a lot of time over there, and white bread just isn't good enough for him!
We also saw the Hobbit. Which was really good.
skirt and collared shirt: Goodwill
sweater: Old Navy
collar clips: DIY
shoes: BAIT

 Hope your Christmases were just as merry as mine!

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Art from December

I thought I'd start doing an art of the month thing to break up all the outfit posts! Don't worry, there are some DIYs on the way, too.
I did a lot of digital stuff this month, and I made a lot of patterns that you are welcome to use!

(lets bring that back.)

Monday, December 24, 2012

A Little Pep

 How about this cute little peplum?
I borrowed it from Elana of Room 334. It's got cute little bunnies on it, if you look up close! I've always wanted to try a peplum out, but I've never gotten around to buying one.
 Some people have noticed that I'm wearing some short sleeved things of late, even though it's the middle of December. That's because this is South freaking Carolina and we don't get real winters. Although I was kind of chilly while shooting this outfit...
It's nice to still be able to show off your outfit instead of hiding in a coat all winter long, but I've always wanted a white Christmas. Snow is really magical (at least to this southern girl), and we barely get one snowfall a year. Normally it's a couple of ice storms that no one knows how to drive in, and then some really cold, grey rain.
I didn't plan this double collar thing, but I am really loving it. Even my sister told me I looked cute.

dress: trollied dolly via modcloth (stylish surprise)
scissors bracelet: modcloth
peplum: borrowed from Elana
tights: charlotte russe (how do you even pronounce "russe?")
tie: from another dress, forever 21
bow pin, boots: Goodwill

Merry Christmas, everyone!

Wednesday, December 19, 2012


When taking these pictures, I was all "Photography YEAH YEAH YEAH!"
So most of them are pseudo artsy pictures of flowers and some assorted body parts. But I really did like how they turned out!
So today I wanted to talk a little bit about vandalism. But, like, funny vandalism.
The segue (I thought it was pronounced "seg you" for most of my life) I have for this is that the last time I was wearing this dress I took photos in front of a graffitied wall. So it's logical.
Apparently graffiti - and not like art graffiti, but just kids spray painting things - is something that just happens. I can't imagine putting on a black hoodie and sneaking out to paint a word on a wall in the middle of the night would be anyone's idea of fun, but since most places have to deal with vandalism, obviously someone gets a kick out of it.
There's the odd stop sign that someone wrote something on so it reads "Stop War" or "Stop Voldemort" or "Stop Obama", or the occasional curse word on the side of an old building (so maybe I live in a hick town), but one of the weirdest I came across the other day was a speed limit sign. It originally said "45". But someone came along and changed the "5" to an "8". Now let me ask you guys. What do you think was the point of that?
The result of that would either be a) A driver sees the sign that says 48 mph and thinks "That is stupid, speed limit signs never end in a freaking 8", or b) the driver believes that the speed limit is 48 and goes a whopping 3 miles over and doesn't get stopped because it's 3 miles.

Have you guys seen any silly vandalism in your town?

Anyway, this dress.
I wore it like 2 weeks ago and that isn't very creative of me, but I don't care and if you cared you probably wouldn't be following me. I can't wait to wear it in the spring, it's so light and breezy it will be perfect. My sister helped me pick out this outfit, kindof. She vetoed my black knee highs and told me the burgundy hat balanced out the shoes or something. She's a sweetheart for real, though.
 I got this purse from Fred Flare. I always think that it looks like a cupcake, even though it obviously doesn't. I guess I associate the scalloped edges with cupcakes? I am not even making sense.
 dress: Modcloth
crop top, shoes, brooch, watch: Goodwill
hat: American Eagle
purse: Fred Flare
tights: Forever 21
socks: DIY

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Bird's Eye View

Recently, I was contacted to review a product from!
What's cool about this website is that they specialize in custom clothing. You can put in your measurements, and each item is cut special for you! You can also change details about the clothes, like the neckline or skirt length. Pretty cool, right?
As an amateur seamstress, I thought this was a pretty great idea. Having clothes that fit me is one of the reasons I like making my own. So I took advantage of the custom sizing option eShakti offers.
However, when it arrived, I was pretty disappointed to find that my dress was way too big for me up top. it's beautiful, but I wanted it to custom fit me! So I took it in some. The neckline is a little off-shoulder, which makes it a little weird for me to wear, since my shoulders are tiny.
My favorite thing about this dress is the full circle skirt. It makes me feel like a 50s housewife, except in a good way.
Here are some of my other favorites.

So, I decided to wear this dress two ways.
The first was kinda elegant, and I really think this dress can stand on it's own. But since I like to quirk things up, I wore it in a more casual way, too.
dress-courtesy of eshakti
booties-rack room
necklace-claires (old... I wore it to my junior prom!)

Friday, December 14, 2012

A Grandma

I am so happy to have my white garage back.
I mean, it's private, it's neutral, it's right outside my door. Yeah it's a little boring, but I am so glad to have it back. I'm also glad to have my curling iron back... as you can see, my bangs were starting to get a little crazy there.
I borrowed this glorious grandma sweater from Marisa of the Shades of Monet Chronicles. It actually belonged to her grandma! A lady with good taste, I'm sure. I piled on the patterns, because, why not? I haven't worn this dress or shirt in like a zillion years because they've been lying in the floor of my room. I've got to get a jump on organizing my closet. It's getting ridic.
dress, necklace: forever 21
undershirt: Goodwill
shoes: thrift store

Here's how Marisa wore it. I swear I love her style so much it hurts.