Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Truly Impressive Shoes

My Dad manages the local Habitat for Humanity store.
The place has a Christmas party every year, and this time it was 70s themed! Here's my fabulous outfit. I got the shirt and pants on the dollar rack at Goodwill, and I've actually had these ridiculous platforms since the 8th grade when I got them at a church yardsale. These photos really don't even do them justice, since they are like, mid-calf suede boots.
I was, though, truly having a bad hair day. It was raining while I took these pictures, and I left my iron at school (or else I would've attempted Farrah Fawcett hair).
 The party was a lot of fun for what it was.
What it was was a bunch of old people acting goofy and drinking beer in their bellbottoms. There was a gift exchange where people traded pieces of junk and an adorable child got a Twister game. A supa fly guy wearing a fake afro won a mini dance contest, and it was probably the highlight of the evening. I ate a lot of chocolate covered strawberries and seriously fantastic popcorn, so I left happy.
 pants, shirt: Goodwill
shoes: yardsale


  1. oh my gosh! those shoes! thumbs up for you rockin' those with this outfit. i adore the pants!

    lindsey louise

  2. Haha this is too cute! Those shoes really make this outfit 70s themed, and I love your old school dance moves. The party sounds so fun, I'd looove to go to a themed one like that

  3. This is the cutest post ever, now I really want to go to a 70s themes party! Those shoes are SO perfect for it!!! The GIF is adorable too I need to learn how to make them (I always press the right and left arrows quickly on my computer when scrolling through my photos for my own little GIF entertainment). Hope you're having a great day!

    1. Thanks so much! If you have photoshop, (I have ps elements) All you have to do is put all the frames into one image, layered on top of eachother, and go to file>save for web. Then make sure it's on animate and loop!

  4. You remind me of Donna from that 70's Show in this. Fun! I'm impressed with the GIF too.