Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Birkenstocks ??

Looks like I'm in black and white again today! Feelin cute as can be! Lately I've been opening at the store, so my closing shift today means a nice break from getting up early. I'm debating giving these shoes whirl at work, since I'm on my feet all day.

Shoes have actually been a big source of my anxiety as of late; Trav got me some Birkenstocks for my birthday, and I was super pumped to have such reportedly comfy shoes. I got a 37, and I usually wear a size 7-7.5. They still seemed pretty big - my heel doesn't sit in the back of the footbed. So I bought this tiny used pair we had at work, a 35. They seemed like they fit, but they're worn into someone else's feet, and they gave me blisters after a couple hours. Blisters! From the "comfy" shoes! So now I am trying to figure out if I should exchange the 37s for 36s, or just wear the 37s and hope for the best. It's stressing me out because they are such expensive shoes, and the leather sole gets discolored so fast I know I won't be able to return them after I wear them once! Anyone have any experience with Birks and how they fit/break in?

This dress was such a major find for me. Straightening the racks and I saw the Dear Creatures label? In my size? And these shoes are Seychelles, too! Best part of the job.

Friday, July 24, 2015


Well hi! I'm just realizing that in these photos you can actually see the scratches around my ankles; proof that my cat is actually a demon. Now that I am moved in and finally have internet (!!) I am going to try and take more pictures of my cute outfits! Since it's so hot out (we're talking over 90 by 10 am) this is the most layering I've done in weeks! 

I found a blank wall with good light in my new apartment, so I took these after work today! Honestly, I'm really happy with the new place. It's small and we're struggling with storage space, and my poor closet is overflowing, but it's cute and has lots of windows, and all my plants are very happy!


Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Shop Update

Happy to say I'm reintroducing my vintage shop! Right now it's mostly vintage from my closet that I'm not wearing anymore, but I priced it all pretty low, please have a look :)

I am basically moved in, and the new apartment really feels more like home once you have internet! I hope to take more photos soon. In the mean time I'd love for you to tell me about your ideal space over here, and I'll illustrate it for my zine! I've got some good submissions so far, but I can't do it if I don't get enough material!

Wednesday, July 1, 2015


Possibly my last photos in this apartment! I'm so excited to move outta here, I've been decor shopping obsessively. I've been working a lot lately, but now I've got two days off in a row! I'm just reveling in the free time. I like packing, the place is basically flea free at this point, and I'm baking cookies!

This romper is perfect day-off wear. <3