Friday, July 24, 2015


Well hi! I'm just realizing that in these photos you can actually see the scratches around my ankles; proof that my cat is actually a demon. Now that I am moved in and finally have internet (!!) I am going to try and take more pictures of my cute outfits! Since it's so hot out (we're talking over 90 by 10 am) this is the most layering I've done in weeks! 

I found a blank wall with good light in my new apartment, so I took these after work today! Honestly, I'm really happy with the new place. It's small and we're struggling with storage space, and my poor closet is overflowing, but it's cute and has lots of windows, and all my plants are very happy!


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  1. Moving in always is a but of a process. Meanwhile, what a classic and lovely outfit.