Monday, April 29, 2013

I Got the Blues

 Hiya guys.

Right now I am really freaking ready to be home. I thought I'd be out of here tonight, but it turns out I have to stay until Tuesday because my last "critique" aka unnecessary meeting with my studio class is going to last until 9 at least. I've moved almost everything into my tiny Toyota and I'm really hoping I don't get charged for the chipped paint on my walls or the spray paint (!) on the living room carpet. The latter is not even my fault, I know better than to spray paint something indoors and not lay down some newspaper or something.

You'll have to forgive my whining. It's been rainy and cold and I want to go home and hug my cat.
I am super excited to finally have a Dear Creatures dress in my wardrobe, though! All their stuff is so cute and out of my little cheapo price-range, but I found this on Piperlime for $45, and since I've been wanting something by them for so long, I went for it! It's hardly springy (which is probs why it was on sale) but I love it and I've worn it like 5 times already.
 I took these photos in the rain on the side of the road and edited them using Lauren's tutorial. I'm no photoshop pro like she is, but I liked how they turned out! Specially the backlighting, that shit's cool.
dress: dear creatures
vest: thrifted
cardigan: american eagle
necklace: f21
shoes: restricted

BY THE WAY. I've reduced the prices on my SALE items in my shop way way down. The listings expire soon and I don't know if I'll be relisting all of them, so check them out!

Sunday, April 28, 2013

NASA Shirt

 Oh my gosh guys
I am wearing a NASA shirt
I went to Target the other day for the express purpose of buying this shirt. I've been looking around for cool screen tees when I go to Goodwill but all they have there is church camp shirts and things that say "I'm out of bed and dressed, what more do you want?"
Yeah no thank you. I think I wore those for a hot minute in 8th grade. Do I look like a 13 year old to you, Goodwill??
 I moved a lot of my stuff out of my dorm today. You'd think I'd know what not to bring to college with me after doing this for 3 years, but I had a bookcase, a plastic chest of drawers and a big fat analog TV that I tried to load into my tiny toyota without help. I had to enlist my sweetheart of a roomate because I am a stupid packer.
 Checkout how long my hair is! I always forget until I straighten it!
 I've also got a special behind-the-scenes gif for you guys.
Watch as I sit on a windowsill, realize the postman is staring at me posing for a damn tripod, and quietly slink away to hide. #bloggerproblems I know you feel me.
You can even see the front of the mail truck in the window reflection!
 shirt, shoes: target (shoes diy here)
skirt, necklace: f21

Also, you remember those inchworms I was talking about the other day? I was just sittin in bed, minding my own business with the covers pulled up to my face when I see something inching along out of the corner of my eye. That's right. They've actually invaded my personal space. I'll have nightmares about those stupid bugs.

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Cat Shorts For Adoption

 I am trying to get creative with my drawings on here... digital art is so hard for me!
 And HEY HEY check out these cat shorts! I've got 4 pairs in stock in my etsy store, so get you some for spring! These puppies are looking for a loving home, haha! I get tons of compliments on these whenever I wear them, and these navy ones are my personal faves.
 There's something to be said for just a plain white tee, am I right? I rarely just wear a tshirt, this is one of the only ones in my closet, and the only plain one!
I swear I tried taking pictures in 3 different locations, and my standard brick wall behind the gym was the only one that worked out. I see all this beautiful photography on other blogs and I want to give new locations a try! Since I'll have my Mom's DSLR to myself all summer I'm going to experiment with some new stuff.
shirt: everlane
shoes: converse
cardigan: travis's, from ae
socks: diy
shorts: thrifted, handpainted by me!
necklaces: modcloth and f21

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Hair Talk

 I pulled over at what I think/hope was an abandoned building to take these pictures and taped my sunglasses to my camera as a filter.
 I am still thinking about cutting my hair back to a bob. This is the longest I've ever had my hair in my life, and I really like having the option to do braids, but I'm just not good at styling it! My hair is very thin and I feel like the ends are just frizzy and dumb. But growing it from a bob back to this length will take forever... what you see here is 2 years of growth from the bob I had freshman year!
I will be dying it brighter in a week or so, though, for sure. I'mma try Manic Panic out!
I also pinned back my bangs today, and you can see my forehead! My hairline is really high, and I raise my eyebrows a lot, resulting in some fine lines on my head (I swear I'm only 20). My forehead is one of my biggest insecurities, and that's why I keep my bangs!
shirt: walmart, cropped
skirt: forever 21
cardigan, bag: thrifted
shoes: wanted
necklace: diy

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Summer Schedule

Honestly, when I get Travis to take my pictures, they never turn out the way I want them to. He may look stunner in my shades, but he's good at research, not photography.
 School is so close to being over for the year!
My last day of classes was Monday, and I have two exams on the 27th and 29th. All my work for my studios is basically done! And I am really excited for the summer. Historically, summers haven't been my brightest moments (even though they're the sunniest times of the year hohoho) because I really like being busy. When I have nothing to do, I sleep in, get lazy, and start feeling really awful about myself. This year will be better, and I'mma tell you why:

1. My etsy shop. I'm going to flesh that sucker out and make tons more things. Handmade brooches, more art prints, hand printed clothes, and commissions galore are on the agenda.
2. My senior thesis. I'm going to start working on printing clothes and designing fabric patterns. So excited for this one, guys.
3. I'm going to the Grand Canyon in like 2 weeks. whaaaaat
4. I'm not going back to work at the mall.

Now I'm just antsy waiting for summer to start!
 This dotted dress was last year's stylish surprise from modcloth, and it's proven so versatile! Much better than the most recent one I got: a fushia prom dress.
sweater: thrifted + diy
shoes: thrifted
earrings: my sister made them for me a looong time ago

Monday, April 22, 2013


 Reh eh eh ed Reh eh eh ed
You guys know that Taylor Swift song? Seriously, when was the last time I wore an outfit that didn't involve this color? I need to branch out.
I went to a park near campus to take these pictures, and it was beautiful with all the azaleas in bloom! Plus I basically had the park to myself aside from a few children and a giant ass crane that flapped past me. 
 If you look at my sock in this picture, you can see one of the tiny green inchworms that plagues my school this time of year. It's really like the worst time to live in Rock Hill because of the literally thousands of wormies that descend from the trees by strands of silk. They land all up in your hair, there ain't nothin' you can do about it! Plus, the air is so thick with pollen you can barely breathe. We've got some fertile trees up in here.
 I was pretty excited to find azaleas that matched my dress (which matched my lipstick)!
  dress: american eagle
floral top, belt: thrifted
necklace: forever 21
backpack: yeswalker
shoes: blowfish

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Style Evolution

Hey guys! You're in for a special treat today... ugly old pictures of me. Ha.
I saw this cool feature on someone's blog. Here's a retrospective of my changing fashion sense as I grew up! Don't judge me.
 Kingergarden Rachel: I gotta say, my Mom is really the one who was dressing me at this time. I was born in 92, and I guess I was a product of the time. Lots of clashing prints and overalls and kitchy dresses. Sounds familiar, right? Check out that last picture. A windbreaker+printed leggings+hiking boots?
 Elementary School Rachel: Honestly, I dressed boring as hell in elementary school. I was dressing myself and it appears I was playing it safe. I remember wearing that purple shirt a LOT though.
 Middle School Rachel: Ok this is where it gets really embarrassing. Middle school is always the frumpy era, right? I seem to remember there being some pretty skinny girls in the 7th grade, but obvi I was not one of them! I wore the baggiest most unflattering stuff. Peasant skirts and hoodies all the way! Also Emma I am sorry this picture of you is now on the internet.
 Highschool Rachel: I wore a lot of blue jeans that I wrote on and converses. Mixing prints was my thing, and I layered everything up all the time. I used to get lots of compliments on my style in highschool, which I now think is weird.
College Rachel: Well, you know this stuff! I really held on to the whole mixing kitchy prints thing, but I like to think I look way classier now.

Hope you enjoyed it!