Thursday, April 11, 2013

Checked Out

Hey hey!
Man I am so close to being done with the school year it's cray. I've officially checked out. But you know as soon as summer starts I'll be all "I'm sooo borrreeeeedd."
 I was pretty pleased with today's outfit. The weather was beautiful and people were nice to me about my floral crown. I think a lot of people think I'm a big weirdo for wearing it, but das okay.
My new thrifted shoes are adorbz but they're a teensy bit small and gave me blisters. Gotta break 'em in!
 So here's a story! We live across from the biggest D-bags I've ever met. And we haven't even met, really. Friday the power went out, so that was annoying. We propped the door open for the emergency lights coming from the hallway, and they did the same thing. I was chatting with my friends in the living room, and they started shouting at us! First it was just making fun of us like "LETS TALK LOUDLY ABOUT THE LIGHTS BEING OUT", but then it got inappropriate real fast. Like "THE GIRLS ACROSS THE HALL WANNA BLOW US" and "fuck" was used. Not cool, right?
But they actually came into our dorm once a couple of months ago. Like one of them knocked on the door and as my roomate went to open it, he just turned the doorknob and started to come in! Then he saw Laura and like guffawed and walked away. We reported them to the hall office but nothing was done about it.
Also they called us nerds once.
 On the bright side, nerds are totally cool now.
 dress: modcloth
shoes, top: thrifted
crown: diy
necklace: f21


  1. Hmmm, these boys sound very inappropriate!

    However, your outfit and drawing are lovely.

  2. Wow--I love everything in this outfit!! Especially the way you layered the top and dress (which I think I've admired on modcloth many a time).

    I think some serious anonymous pranking may be in order for your d-bag hallmates...nothing you can get in trouble for, but something to put them back in line ;)

  3. oh also--is this the dress you have one? I want to bookmark it if so!

    -Emma from

    1. Emma, yes that's the dress! I love it a lot, but it should be noted that the fabric is really cheap and pilled up after the first time I wore it!


  4. haha, oh my gosh rude people! i used to live right next to some boys in my first year of college like that.. drove me crazy!
    anyways, i adore your dress and your headband! i love love your drawings (the one i bought from your shop is hanging in my dining room!)

    lindsey louise

  5. whoa that is SUPER inappropriate of those guys. I hope you reported them this side as well because def no one should have to put up w/ that! but yes, nerds are tot. cool now : ) & i LOVE that crown. it is funny what's swooned over in the blog world most ppl seem to think is a little strange. love that dress on you too- you look so pretty in the yellow! and bored over summer? you dont get summer jobs?