Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Hair Talk

 I pulled over at what I think/hope was an abandoned building to take these pictures and taped my sunglasses to my camera as a filter.
 I am still thinking about cutting my hair back to a bob. This is the longest I've ever had my hair in my life, and I really like having the option to do braids, but I'm just not good at styling it! My hair is very thin and I feel like the ends are just frizzy and dumb. But growing it from a bob back to this length will take forever... what you see here is 2 years of growth from the bob I had freshman year!
I will be dying it brighter in a week or so, though, for sure. I'mma try Manic Panic out!
I also pinned back my bangs today, and you can see my forehead! My hairline is really high, and I raise my eyebrows a lot, resulting in some fine lines on my head (I swear I'm only 20). My forehead is one of my biggest insecurities, and that's why I keep my bangs!
shirt: walmart, cropped
skirt: forever 21
cardigan, bag: thrifted
shoes: wanted
necklace: diy


  1. I love the red striped nautical look, and this building looks awesome! I never thought of sunglasses filter but thats such a good idea, if I take pictures during the day here during the summer everything is SO bright! Can't wait to see the hair! I'm still thinking about red :)

  2. Haha- I've sometimes wondered whether a house was actually abandoned or not too! Mind you, I have had times where the owner does show up. Once he was very friendly and gave me the history. Once some guy showed up and threatened to shoot us. I'm much more careful of exploring now.

    You would look great in a bob. I know long hair can take a while to grow back, but if you don't like how it looks and/or do not take advantage of the length, why keep it? (or maybe I just want to see how you look in a bob!)

    1. Oh my gosh, I can't believe someone would be so mean over you just taking photos!

  3. Love this outfit on you, you are totally rocking it! I love nautical/nautical inspired items like sailor colors, navy and red and anchors :) So fun!


  4. What are you talking about? I like your forehead.

    And I would be scared at ab abandoned place. Though it would give you privacy to shoot photos.
    These look nice your sunglasses filter :)

  5. Girl, your forehead looks totally normal! I have the weirdest forehead I think (probably because my first boyfriend told me that it was so weird he just wanted to smack it! wtf!) Anyway, I've totally used my sunglasses as a filter before and I love it! Hah. Love the boots!

  6. I like all the red! I've been thinking about a bob too :)

    -Emma from little motley