Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Summer Schedule

Honestly, when I get Travis to take my pictures, they never turn out the way I want them to. He may look stunner in my shades, but he's good at research, not photography.
 School is so close to being over for the year!
My last day of classes was Monday, and I have two exams on the 27th and 29th. All my work for my studios is basically done! And I am really excited for the summer. Historically, summers haven't been my brightest moments (even though they're the sunniest times of the year hohoho) because I really like being busy. When I have nothing to do, I sleep in, get lazy, and start feeling really awful about myself. This year will be better, and I'mma tell you why:

1. My etsy shop. I'm going to flesh that sucker out and make tons more things. Handmade brooches, more art prints, hand printed clothes, and commissions galore are on the agenda.
2. My senior thesis. I'm going to start working on printing clothes and designing fabric patterns. So excited for this one, guys.
3. I'm going to the Grand Canyon in like 2 weeks. whaaaaat
4. I'm not going back to work at the mall.

Now I'm just antsy waiting for summer to start!
 This dotted dress was last year's stylish surprise from modcloth, and it's proven so versatile! Much better than the most recent one I got: a fushia prom dress.
sweater: thrifted + diy
shoes: thrifted
earrings: my sister made them for me a looong time ago


  1. Hi Rachel! Thanks for visiting my site. I really like the lay out of your blog and your style ofcoz. I am following you now! Keep in touch!

    xx Sophie

  2. I think it is great you recognize what makes you feel down about summer and have plans to prevent that- all while improving your job skills too! (btw, I'll might be sending some work your way next week!)

    You look cute. The maroon and polka dots work well together.

  3. Hi! I really like your blog so I'ma a follower now :)
    This outfit is really cute, love the dress!

  4. I love love love the rosebud buttons on that cardigan!!

    -Emma from little motley

  5. I love that caridgan! :)
    And the tiny polka dots on the dress, too.

    I get pretty lazy over the summers as well, so to curb that.. I'm taking three classes, sounds absolutely awful, but whatever. It'll be made better by the fact that I'm remodeling a house/a newly wed! :)

    kristina in retroworter

    ps. I know my pictures wouldn't turn out the way I would want them to if other people took my pictures..thus, I just look like a crazy with a tripod and a remote ;)