Monday, April 29, 2013

I Got the Blues

 Hiya guys.

Right now I am really freaking ready to be home. I thought I'd be out of here tonight, but it turns out I have to stay until Tuesday because my last "critique" aka unnecessary meeting with my studio class is going to last until 9 at least. I've moved almost everything into my tiny Toyota and I'm really hoping I don't get charged for the chipped paint on my walls or the spray paint (!) on the living room carpet. The latter is not even my fault, I know better than to spray paint something indoors and not lay down some newspaper or something.

You'll have to forgive my whining. It's been rainy and cold and I want to go home and hug my cat.
I am super excited to finally have a Dear Creatures dress in my wardrobe, though! All their stuff is so cute and out of my little cheapo price-range, but I found this on Piperlime for $45, and since I've been wanting something by them for so long, I went for it! It's hardly springy (which is probs why it was on sale) but I love it and I've worn it like 5 times already.
 I took these photos in the rain on the side of the road and edited them using Lauren's tutorial. I'm no photoshop pro like she is, but I liked how they turned out! Specially the backlighting, that shit's cool.
dress: dear creatures
vest: thrifted
cardigan: american eagle
necklace: f21
shoes: restricted

BY THE WAY. I've reduced the prices on my SALE items in my shop way way down. The listings expire soon and I don't know if I'll be relisting all of them, so check them out!


  1. It may not be "springy" but it looks like it is something one could wear all year round with those colors. How fun to have a Dear Creatures dress.

  2. Ah, I'm so jealous about this dress! I've been in love with it for months. It looks great on you and I'd say we can just call this a "year-round" dress, right? Or like a "every-single-day-because-you-should-never-take-it-off" dress.

    Also, I suck. I wrote today's post really late the other night and for some reason in my half-asleep state, wrote daffodil instead of dandelion. Even though when I was taking those pictures with my friend, I totally knew it was a dandelion. FAIL. But it's fixed :)

    1. It for real is!
      And it's cool, I wasn't judgin haha!

  3. AHH I have been lusting after a Dear Creatures piece for quite some time now too. This dress is adorable and super versatile too with its more neutral palette! I think it would look really cute with a little nautical vibe with pops of red too! I am hoping you are finally out of your place and on your way home!!!
    xo Hannah