Saturday, January 17, 2015

Obsessions: JoJo's Bizarre Adventure

Contains some spoilers if ya care about that sort of thing!
I haven't posted in a million years because a) I haven't made time for it and b) I lost my camera battery. So here's the latest anime I've been binge watching: JoJo's Bizarre Adventure! 
Now this one may seem like an uncharacteristically masculine show for me to be obsessed with since I'm all girls in cute clothes holding knives, but JoJo is undeniably cool. Just watch the second arc's opening:

Like, if you don't like fabulous buff dudes in pseudo 80's clothing striking poses before they fight, I don't know what I can do for you. My boyfriend started watching it a couple months ago and I got interested after seeing the theme song, lol. It's based on a manga appearing in Shonen Jump that started in 1980 something, and follows the Joestars, or rather, one from every other generation (all nicknamed JoJo), on their epic adventures. Basic storyline: Evil guy named Dio becomes a vampire and JoJo has to kill him. Then his grandson has to beat up some supreme beings. Then his grandson has to kill Dio, back from the dead. They're releasing the third season weekly right now, actually, and the manga has like 8 arcs, so I'll be 40 by the time any of that shit comes out on crunchyroll. I hope I like the rest as much as the first three!

This show has awesome animation, and is known for it's wacky color schemes, which I really dig. I've been using screencaps as inspiration for my own work. Personal favorite so far is def Joseph Joestar from Battle Tendency, he's a mega babe. It's not everyday that girls get fanserviced to!

Warning though: I considered not gushing about it on my blog since it's a somewhat problematic fave of mine; there are no decent female characters. Don't let that chick in the video fool you, she's great at first but (spoiler alert) loses about two punches into her only major battle. In Stardust Crusaders I was super psyched when the main character's mom started developing magic powers, and I'm trying to ignore the fact that she's too weak to handle them and is spending the entire season comatose. It hurts to have something I love so much cut my entire gender out of it's storyline. I'll be patiently awaiting arc 5 and it's female main character.

Once you recognize that sort of glaring flaw in the story to this point, you can sit back and enjoy the good points of the show, which are many. It's definitely a fun watch, all the characters are charming, and in a word JoJo has style

Friday, January 2, 2015

Lucky Dragon

My first outfit post of the new year is actually the last outfit of the old year. I spent my new year's eve watching anime with my best pal from college, eating pizza and drinking wine. And my boyfriend came back from Texas!

I've also been playing around with my new Vice 3 palette <3 I haven't worn colored eyeshadow since like, middle school. These colors are Lucky and Dragon.

Top: UO, thrifted from work
Jeans: Gap, thrifted from work
Shoes: Seychelles, thrifted from work
Coat: Jack, thrifted from work
Belt: thrifted from Goodwill
Necklace: Starlight Deco Dream on Etsy

Thursday, January 1, 2015

Looks from 2014

January: I had my first illustration show

Febuary: Hard at work on my thesis and having mental breakdowns about the future

March: Watched through FMA Brotherhood

April: Had my senior thesis show

May: Graduated and spent a month in Italy

June: Got a job in Columbia working retail/resale

July: Turned 22

August: Grew out my armpit hair

September: Put my art up for sale in a local coffee shop

October: Dressed as an alien for Halloween

November: Got a pair of life changing shoes ^^

December: Became social media manager at my work :)

Friday, December 26, 2014

Spend Your Holidays in Dark Lipstick

Well, I hope you all had a very merry Christmas! Mine was good! I got an eyeshadow palette, new glasses, and a Merry Christmas text from someone I don't know named Ellison. I also saw the Hobbit (it was ok), and cooked dinner, and saw my family. My Mom puts on such a great Christmas, really.

What was the best present you guys got?

Finally I have cat eyes! Now I just want some big obnoxious ones :)
I borrowed my sister's lipstick for this, I definitely need to get some of my own. It's Mac. I love matte finish shades, but they don't go on easily for me. I always have to put on chapstick first, and they always accentuate how flakey my lips are. Do you guys ever have that problem? The "amplified" lipsticks are my fave.

I hope you all dressed like a dark princess all week too :)

Dress: UO
Jacket: Jack (old)
Socks: AA
Shoes: Converse
Necklace: Made by my pal

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Art Lately: Witches

Wow it's been a minute since I shared some art with you guys. With the holidays I didn't have a ton of time to do art for me, but the past couple of months were all about darkness and witchies. Now I've got an itch to experiment with some really bright color combinations. I had been writing out some explanations of the meanings behind my work, but I think I'm over that. Use your imagination.

As always, find my art here, and buy some here.

Monday, December 22, 2014

Slow Warm Winter

 Long time no see, huh, guys? I'm pretty bummed about the amount of posting I've been doing. I've been wearing tons of cute outfits, but they go undocumented because when I get home from work it's dark already. And I get sad light in this house to begin with. But here's one from yesterday.

I've been spending my days at work, where it's been slow because no one wants to buy used clothes as Christmas presents. It's been a very warm December in the Midlands, with the cooler days being in the high 50s, so I've been forgoing the usual winter tights all month. And I've been watching a lot of Inuyasha. lol. Everyone in middle school loved that show (idk if you knew those nerds who drew wolves all the time) but it's actually a really good show? ?

Let's wrap it up with a picture of my kitty, who is actually a model. What a qt.

Dress: Noelle, thrifted from work
Shirt: Loft, thrifted from work
Shoes: Asos
Socks: OVS ??
Necklace: Starlight Deco Dreams on Etsy
(anyone recognize it? it's from Madoka!!)

Sunday, December 7, 2014

Blogger Appreciation

I recently did some portraits of a few of my favorite bloggers that I've been following for awhile <3 You guys will probably recognize them, but if you don't, you need to be following them!

Annika of Pineneedle Collective is one of my faves because she has such a cool sense of style that is always interesting to watch, and because she ties all her interests into her blog so you get to read about science, fashion, diys, all in the same place. Plus she's super friendly and creative, and promotes ethical fashion and disability awareness and is an all around role model tbh.

I love Kathryn of Kitsune Kun's blog because she has insane photography skills. Like every time I visit there, she's got some magical photos of Utah or Japan or the Met or something. They're all impeccably styled, but not in the staged photoshoot way, it's just beautiful to see her life and travels through her eyes!

And Kailey of Mermaidens, because she is the cutest. She's def one of the nicest people on the internet, and her blog is always a cotton candy wonderland with just the right amount of edge. I love seeing her modelling for people like Hannah Haley. It's no wonder I'm not the first to paint her, her look is just flawless.

Friday, December 5, 2014

Black Something

I wore this on Black Friday, and was going to post about Black Friday things like how I've got a coupon code for 25% off everything in my shop if you want to buy anything... It's HOLIDAYZ and you can enter it at checkout.

But then I left my computer charger at home, so it became a Black Sunday post, and then I forgot to renew my prescription and have been getting progressively dizzier all week because SSRIs are evidently shit to withdraw from, and now I'm at the point where I don't even know. My pills are in the mail, though.

Dress: Some Anthropologie brand, thrifted from work
Shoes: Wanted, thrifted from work
Vest: Vintage, thrifted somewhere in NC
Socks and tights: Forever 21