Wednesday, January 30, 2013


I got such a nice response about my weekly drawing idea that I'm sure I'll be able to stick to it! Nothing like praise as a motivator, am I right?
 So this is my new favorite cardigan. It's been a nice and toasty substitute for my coat that I left at my boyfriend's apartment. I'm sure you guys figured that in SC we have mild winters. But the other day we got our first ice of the season! We rarely get much snow (if we do it's at my home, towards the mountains), and instead we usually get a few ices. Ice is considerably less pretty, and no one knows how to drive in it. Our city probably doesn't even own salt trucks, so they're like "WHAT? Ice? Just cancel everything."
 My Mom got a fancy camera, which means I can do silly .gif's again.
 dress: handmade by me, skirt DIY here
tights: romwe
cardigan, red shirt: Goodwill
sandals: thrift store
Dunno if you can see my teddy bear button, but I got it from Megan. Isn't it cuuuute?

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Short Skirts

This is a short skirt, but I like the way short skirts make me feel.
This semester I have an 8am every Tuesday and Thursday, and I am not a morning person. I know you're like "Shut up, Rachel, every one else in the world gets up that early, just deal," to which I would say, "But I don't waaannnnnnaaa!" But if there's one thing that makes me feel slightly more inclined to not crawl back under the covers until a more reasonable hour (did I hear somone say noon?) it's having a pretty outfit picked out to slip into. A girl in my class told me I looked like a princess in this get up, and I was like, that is basically my dream.
It was pretty chilly this day, but I was layered up nicely. My face is all chapped from walking around campus in the wind, and I am an oily girl. So this is weird for me.
I also trimmed my bangs, did you notice? I have a frickin' cowlick that always ruins them for me, any tips on dealing with that?
dress: Romwe
lace shirt: F21
sweater: Goodwill DIY (hot-glue ribbon flowers to a shirt. poof you're done)
cardigan, shoes: Goodwill

Monday, January 28, 2013

Valentines Etsy Update!

I'm having a Valentine's sale for the next two weeks and I just stocked plenty of pretty new pink things. Use code VDAY13 at checkout for 30% off your order!

Happy shopping!

Friday, January 25, 2013


Today is a crappy day.
I found out that my infection on my toe is actually an ingrown toenail that I will need to get removed. There is a needle and some kind of knife involved. Gross I know, but I'm pretty scared. It's sleeting outside and I ran errands in it and the CVS ladies weren't nice to me. So here are some pictures from the week.
  A hand knitted ducky sweater from Goodwill.
 I bought a sweater for a thrift swap and then unconsciously matched my nails to it really well.
 We took a field trip to a letter press.
 I packaged my first etsy sale! I can't wait to sell some clothes so I can use my fancy stickers I made.

Have a good weekend, you guys!

Wednesday, January 23, 2013


On this, the grayest of days, my battery died after just a couple crummy pictures. So I thought maybe I'd start drawing my outfits? To get better at digital art and textile patterns. If I can actually commit to doing it regularly... maybe I'll make it a weekly thing.
 For some reason, my camera has the hardest time capturing pale pink (my shoes, for example). Dunno what that's about. Also, I've gotten to a point where I actually dislike the way I look without lipstick. In class, we learned a theory for the use of lipstick. Ready? When sexually aroused, the lips flush. So we wear lipstick to mimic it. It's amazing how many things come down to evolution!
However, that theory makes me feel a little guilty for wearing lipstick. Like I'm doing it to be sexy, to attract men, to remind them of sex. But on a conscious level, I really just like the way I look with it on. I feel like a lot of things in the fashion world aren't done to attract the opposite sex; i.e. black lipstick, silhouettes that don't flatter the figure, androgyny. We do that stuff because we like it, not for the benefit of men, am I right?

 Does my ranting bother you? It bothers me sometimes when I see other people do it, but that might just be because I've got this compulsion to be contrary. Like I will literally argue against someone I agree with just because they are saying it. A good characteristic in a potential lawyer maybe, but not so much a dinner partner.
cardigan, hat: Goodwill
sweater: Old Navy
tights: Romwe
(I can't wear tights once without ripping them, I've given up on trying to keep them looking nice)
dress: Target
shoes: BAIT
collar: DIY

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Red Dress Red Lips

 How do you like my cow sweater? Pretty moooooving, huh?
 I was watching New Girl, and Zooey Deschenel is such a cutie. In this particular episode, she was wearing a red dress that matched her lipstick. So I said to myself, "Self, you need to get a red dress that matches your lipstick. Then you will probably be as cute and charming as Ms. Deschenel." And follow my own advice I did. I found this cutie at American Eagle on sale, and it probably doesn't fit my teensy shoulders as well as it could, but damn if it didn't look cute in the dressing room mirror.
 I wish I had photographed it the first time I wore it, because I had a sparkly pin and it looked festive as could be.
 I hope you all had a good long weekend (unless you're in the real working world/don't work in a bank and didn't have MLK day off, in which case I hope you had a good normal weekend). I ate an entire pizza and 3 donuts. In my defense, it was over a couple sittings.
 dress: American Eagle
necklace: DIY
shoes: Modcloth
cardigan: Goodwill

Monday, January 21, 2013

Giveaway Winner!

A big huge thankyou to everyone who entered my giveaway!
The winner was picked using a random number generator and was Rachel Bethke! It was nice that someone who had commissioned me in the past won, like an extra cosmic thankyou for being interested in my work!

For the rest of you, thanks again and don't be afraid to stop on by The Floral Prince!

Friday, January 18, 2013

Drop It

 This post has way too many pictures. But I was getting creative!
 So my first week of school is over and done. Want to hear me talk about it? Oh goodie!
I've got a print-making class where I make stamps and stuff, and another print-making class where we focus on the digital side of things. Then a portraiture class where we study the human face, and, well, paint it. Then basic biology and a lab, and marketing! They're all pretty easy, but also pretty time-consuming. I can't wait to share all my work with you guys!
 I'm so glad to be getting back into a routine, because I'm boring and I don't like change. No really. I love break, but I never seem to do the things I want to do until I have no free time!
I reached for a clementine for breakfast this morning, and pulled back green fingers! One of the clementines has molded, and I mean really molded. That citrus was far gone, and I just got the box a week ago! I ate a more intact-looking one, but it was still a disappointment. Especially after having burned myself with my curling iron!
Did you know that when you burn yourself, the cells like burst and die because of the water in them? And you have to put cold water or ice on it quick so it doesn't disperse to your other cells. Because they're hot they kill the cells around them, too! My roomate knows a lot of things and then she tells them to me. I didn't even fact check her, that is how much faith I have. Please don't call me out. Ha.
 Whenever I wear a dress as-is I feel a little guilty. I tell myself, "anyone can wear a dress, it takes talent to style it", when in reality dressing up every day should make you feel good. I'm not sure why I feel like I have to be good at things all the time, I kind of annoy myself!
I've also been watching Ally McBeal like constantly.
dress: fiore boutique
shoes and cardigan: goodwill
Throw me a bone here! It's almost over!

Thursday, January 17, 2013


I'm taking commissions again!
I just finished the latest batch, as you can see below. $15 for a button, $20 for a header. Email me at !

Thanks again, lovely ladies, for commissioning me!

My giveaway is still going on! Get a free print or clothing item!

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Friday, I'm in Love

 These pictures were taken at the riverwalk in downtown Columbia. Travis and I have been searching for a way to get to the shores forever and this was there the whole time, as public as can be!
 So it's not Friday. But if you know that song (by the Cure) then you can fully appreciate my T-shirt! I've had it for years... the calender on the shirt matches the lyrics of the song! When I saw it on threadless I stared at it for like 10 minutes, so once I understood it I had to buy it. To make up for how slow I was on the uptake or something.
 I've got a lovely bouquet of flowers sitting on my desk right now! Travis had taped them to the ceiling so that when I laid down on the bed I'd see them! Well, in theory. In real life he had to give me a few minutes. It's like that experiment, yknow, where they have people watch a game and count the number of baskets or something, and a man in a gorilla suit just waltzes across the stage and no one watching even notices.
The point is, he was being a sweetie.
 I've been thinking. We really take toilets for granted.
shirt: Threadless (old)
shorts, sweater: Goodwill
shoes: Modcloth
knee highs: Target