Tuesday, January 1, 2013


 WOAH hello there!
Today I am wearing another one of my pretty pretty presents! I've been in love with this dress ever since I first saw it on modcloth, and it happened to go on sale just before Christmastime! So YAY.
 To take these pictures, I trekked out to the creek in my backyard. Oh yeah, did I tell you I have a creek in my backyard? It supplied me and my friends with plenty of entertainment when we were little. We used to go on adventures in the woods. Once I climbed up a tree (that was growing at a 45 degree angle) and dropped to the other side to retrieve one of my shoes. Then my Dad had to come and retrieve me cause I got stuck.
 Anyway, it rained recently and so the water was high and the ground was swampy. I first came out here in my heels. Missssstake.
I got some mud on my white socks, too, which was kind of annoying, but if you can't wear your clothes tromping around in your own backyard, what can you wear them for?
 On a more personal-I-like-talking-about-myself note, I was thinking about operating under pressure. I used to consider myself someone who works well under high stress. But you know what? I really don't. When I'm folding something at work and a customer asks for help, I kindof panic and can't figure out what to do. I finish all my school work way ahead of time, and when it comes to exam time I freak out like "OMG there's so much to do and so little tiiiiiiiimmmee!"
That's not to say I don't work fast. I get things done way quicker than my classmates and end up with plenty of freetime. But that's done on my own terms, time-wise.
Do you guys handle stress well?
 dress: Modcloth
belt, boots, zebra pin: Goodwill
coat: Wet Seal

Also, It's the New Year! I'm not usually one to put all my personal stuff up on the internet. My introspection doesn't normally go beyond that stuff I just wrote about handling stress (or me complaining about something haha), so my resolutions will probably have a page to themselves in my sketchbook. Maybe being more open about myself here on the blog should be one of them!
Hope you guys had a happy new years eve! Mine was low key-I cuddled a lot and ate gummies.


  1. Cute color on you and happy New Year!

  2. Oh my, this dress is amazing! The color is stunning. And I am totally the same way about dealing with stress!

  3. What a great color for you! Love the tights & zebra pin!

    <3 Megan

  4. haha i can see how having a creek in your backyard can open the window to lots of adventures! getting stuck in the tree would be such a me move, too. and yay for nabbing this dress! that's such a pretty color on you

  5. Haha the creek story is so cute! I love the color and cut of your new dress! The zebra print is the perfect finishing touch! Happy New Year to you!
    xo Hannah

  6. Aw that dress is darling! And I love your zebra pin, so fun and perfect with this outfit. Plus, boots and socks are my faaavorite. So cute you are!

  7. what a cute dress =)
    happy new year!
    I'll be happy if you if you check out my blog too=)

  8. the orange looks great on you! so chic! :D and the creek behind is adorable setting

  9. The dress is really cute! I love the flare and colour. x

    Fashion Landscape

  10. I love the color of your dress and your hair is so pretty! Thank you for stopping by my blog. I really appreciate it! I love yours too! Happy new year!

    Love, Polly:))

  11. U're looking just amazing. Great choice of clothes.
    Would u like to follow ?


  12. Such a lovely post, I like these pictures so much! :)

    Visit my blog? xx Miss Beatrix (http://missbeatrix.blogspot.com)

  13. I fell in love with that dress to when I first saw it on Modcloth. Such a divine color on you...and that little zebra pin in the cutest :)

  14. i may or may not be jealous of your backyard. and that dress.