Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween!

Ok so I painted this last year, but whatever.
I'm proud to announce that I am a new member of Flock Together, a blog of stylish ladies that remix eachother's clothes! I'm so excited to be a part of it, and my introduction post is today. Head over there and check the blog out!

Tuesday, October 30, 2012


Looks like I wore the same shirt two posts in a row! Things are gettin WILD on this blog!
I went out into the historical district to take these pictures, on a side road in front of my tripod. Whenever anyone drove by I'd kind of pretend I was taking pictures instead of standing in front of the camera. Haha.
I'm not sure what this place was when it was operating, but I think it might have had something to do with cotton.
 I really was pleased with how the pictures came out, though, and I had a really nice time out running errands by myself. I've resolved to do it more often. Because does it really matter if anyone sees me out taking pictures of myself? No.
I think I wore this same belt in the last post, too.
dress: target
lacey shirt: f21
shoes: thrifted
cardigan: secondhand from my mom, but probably target
belt: Habitat for Humanity
necklace: DIY by me

You've still got a few days to vote for my design! You can vote once a day!

Sunday, October 28, 2012


 Me and my sister wearing red plaid.
 A cake pop that matches my fingernails.
 My Grandma's knick knacks.
  More of my Grandma's classy decor.
The prettiest drive.

You can vote for my design in the Modcloth Make the Cut Contest once a day!

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Pumpkin Post

 Check out my cat. He is having the time of his life rolling around on the driveway, isn't he? Do you ever wish you could just enjoy rolling around that much?
So this is my pumpkin post. Haaaaaaalleeluiaaaaaa! Doesn't that gourd look a little angelic?
How do you guys format your pictures so they are all uniform? I had them all at the same size (like 8 inches across) but then they were all too small to use for anything else. So now they're bigger, but too big to put at original size on here, and when I made them extra large, they don't end up the same width.
I have been Netflixin' it up lately. I highly recommend The IT Crowd.
But anyway, this pumpkin patch was utterly deserted. No one was even selling them. We're a family of goodie-two-shoes (how do you make that plural? goodies-two-shoes?) though, so we just took pictures and then went and bought one at Walmart. Ha.
dress, shoes, vest- goodwill
lacey shirt-f21

Just as a reminder, you can vote for my design in the Modcloth contest once a day. I'm in 9th place right now!

Thursday, October 25, 2012

I'm a Modcloth Finalist! Vote for Me!

Oh my gosh guys, oh my gosh.
My design is a finalist in the Modcloth Make the Cut contest! I am really freaking out. I love Modcloth, for their products, their marketing, their customer service, and I'm flattered to be chosen to be a finalist among so many other great entries! And I really really want to win!
So here's me pleading with you: please go and vote for mine! It's a sweet pinafore (with pockets) that would be incredibly versatile.  

Wouldn't you want to wear it? Then go and vote! Your support means the freaking world to me.

Green Gingham

I spent last weekend at my Grandma's, and she taught me how to sew! Ok I know a little bit about sewing, but I've never done it with a pattern. Normally I just wing it and see what I end up with! This time I picked one out, and it turned out to be a lot more complicated than I thought it would be. My Grandma is a freaking wiz with a sewing machine, though!
I ended up looking a little like Dorothy with my green gingham, and I probably should have made the dress in an 8, not a 6.
My Grandma lives in the mountains of North Carolina, and even though I've been there a thousand times, driving myself was a brand new experience. The scenery was pretty breathtaking, and the light on the way home (you know that evening gold light that starts around 6) was beautiful.
shoes, cardigan-Goodwill
Also, I did a blog header for Stevia at The Sweetest Escape. She's a cutie, go check out her blog! If you're interested in me doing a header for you, let me know!

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

DIY Halloween

 Happy early Halloween, guys! I decided to throw together a few DIY Halloween costumes that are pretty easy to assemble last minute. First, a black cat! No need to get flashy! If you've got a black outfit, you can easily put some pipe cleaners on a headband and use some tights as a tail! This one's easy because you can customize it... use a dress or pants or whatever you have!
 Second, do you guys remember Madeline? From the children's book? This was going to be my costume this year, until I realized that I dress like this everyday. Hah.
Anyway, all you need is a blue dress, a red tie, and a yellow hat. Slap a ribbon on that thing and you're set!

This last one is my actual costume. I'm a ladybug! For this, I just taped a bunch of black circles to a red coat and threw it over my cat costume. Swap out your cat ears for antennae, and it's a go.
Hope it gave you guys some ideas!

Monday, October 22, 2012

Cats and Cameras

My sister's boyfriend is away in the Marines. And lucky her, he left her his fancy DSLR camera! He should've left it with me, I'd get way more use out of it. I was really impressed at the quality of these pictures. I've never really used a camera like that, it's been all point and shoots for me all my life (except for the 5 straight years of disposables... you know what I'm talking about). I'd love to get the chance to play around with it more.
 I got these shoes at a thrift store in Columbia. They cost me $18, which is a little on the splurgey side for me. But I looked them up, and they're being sold at Urban Outfitters for $59. So how about that! And they're comfy.
 Fall is starting to look really pretty around here.
 I've never owned much black, and now look at me! A black hat, and my second pair of black shoes? I even have a black dress!
 Those are my sister's feet. She took these pictures for me.
 shirt-hand me down
skirt-american eagle outlet
shoes-thrift store

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Pictures From Lately

 My smoothie matched my dress perfectly. So did my underwear, but I didn't photograph them.
 This poor bee couldn't fly! Or maybe he didn't want to.
What I have to show from my last shopping trip.
Egg salad is really pretty good.
The fair was in town. I didn't go because it was too blurry.
Baby pinecone.
Some water in a fountain.
Me by that same fountain.
Travis and me. Sepia version.