Monday, October 22, 2012

Cats and Cameras

My sister's boyfriend is away in the Marines. And lucky her, he left her his fancy DSLR camera! He should've left it with me, I'd get way more use out of it. I was really impressed at the quality of these pictures. I've never really used a camera like that, it's been all point and shoots for me all my life (except for the 5 straight years of disposables... you know what I'm talking about). I'd love to get the chance to play around with it more.
 I got these shoes at a thrift store in Columbia. They cost me $18, which is a little on the splurgey side for me. But I looked them up, and they're being sold at Urban Outfitters for $59. So how about that! And they're comfy.
 Fall is starting to look really pretty around here.
 I've never owned much black, and now look at me! A black hat, and my second pair of black shoes? I even have a black dress!
 Those are my sister's feet. She took these pictures for me.
 shirt-hand me down
skirt-american eagle outlet
shoes-thrift store


  1. You know, I'm glad I'm not the only blogger with a point and shoot. Lately, I've been really lucky to have a friend with a DSLR take my pictures, but I usually just use my digital and I feel like a fraud compared to other bloggers. I'm glad we can bond over this (this is bonding in my mind). I LOVE these shoes, it's the best finding expensive things for super cheap at thrift stores. And I can't get over these tights!

    1. A kindred spirit! My Mom refuses to use the DSLR that my sister's boyfriend left behind because she knows when she does she'll have to buy one haha!
      I actually ripped a stupid hole in the tights already! But whatever, the distressed look is in... right?

  2. So funny, I was reading your post as you were commenting on mine haah! These DSLR shots look great, I love mine but wish I knew how to use it off the auto mode! Love the red plaid, its my favorite print ever and congrats on you're awesome thrifted shoes find!
    xo Hannah

    1. Haha! Maybe someday I'll buy one of my very own!
      I definitely need more plaid. This stuff is really thin, not flannel, so I need some serious lumberjack material.

  3. I really like your tights,
    they are amazing. :)