Saturday, October 27, 2012

Pumpkin Post

 Check out my cat. He is having the time of his life rolling around on the driveway, isn't he? Do you ever wish you could just enjoy rolling around that much?
So this is my pumpkin post. Haaaaaaalleeluiaaaaaa! Doesn't that gourd look a little angelic?
How do you guys format your pictures so they are all uniform? I had them all at the same size (like 8 inches across) but then they were all too small to use for anything else. So now they're bigger, but too big to put at original size on here, and when I made them extra large, they don't end up the same width.
I have been Netflixin' it up lately. I highly recommend The IT Crowd.
But anyway, this pumpkin patch was utterly deserted. No one was even selling them. We're a family of goodie-two-shoes (how do you make that plural? goodies-two-shoes?) though, so we just took pictures and then went and bought one at Walmart. Ha.
dress, shoes, vest- goodwill
lacey shirt-f21

Just as a reminder, you can vote for my design in the Modcloth contest once a day. I'm in 9th place right now!


  1. Aww I love your design! I went along and voted for it. I would wear that all the time.

    So I make my photos all the same width across by saving them all as 500px width when editing them, and then making them original size on blogger :) hope that helps!

    1. Thankyou so much! I'm glad you liked it!

      OK thankyou! The only thing is sometimes someone needs it bigger than that (like when I submit a photo to somewhere else) and then I can't use any of my old photos, I have to take a new one and size it bigger.

    2. Okay, so I have 2 versions of my photos.. actually 3. The original JPEG, then one saved in Photoshop format (as wide as it wants to be) that I do all the editing on, THEN one new one saved as a JPEG just for my blog. That way you don't just have one version of your photos, and you can resize the Photoshop one as you want for other places (chictopia, lookbook, etc). BUT your blog photos are all the same size, which is good :)

    3. that was kind of confusing. But basically, "save as" rather than "save" :)

  2. your cat is too cute
    and yeay you found the perfect pumpkin!

    to make all the pics have the same width, you just do exactly what Annika said. LOL
    I saved mine 625px but the size is really up to you, just do some trial and error until you found the size that suits you most
    then after putting in your photos, you move the cursor to the photos and you should see the original size option :)

    The Sweetest Escape