Sunday, October 7, 2012

Wildflowers, Cloudy Skies

For one of my more unorthodox school projects I am going on weekly "adventures", which are essentially forays into nature that I will be illustrating. This one was one of my favorites because the pictures turned out so beautifully! I love how desaturated the compositions are, punctuated by the wildflowers and my, let's face it, kitchy cardigan.
I didn't get a good close up of this jacket, but it's covered in embroidered pinecones and little birds. I can't resist an embroidered pinecone!
You may notice my hair is getting a little frizzy at the ends here... no worries, though. I've gotten a haircut!
 I'm also really excited about this dress. I must've gotten it way back in spring, and I hadn't worn it because of the poofy poofy sleeves. Well I fixed that didn't I!
I wish the weather were perpetually 60 degrees!
dress, cardigan, belt, bag-Goodwill


  1. So pretty! Your dress suits the dreamy atmosphere really well :)

  2. Rachel, that dress is gorgeous! I love the dainty collar :)
    anyway, is it possible to get an illustration of me and in return I will put up your blog banner on my blog :)
    your about me pic is so darling!

    The Sweetest Escape 

    1. Thankyou!
      That sounds fair, I can do that!
      Just message me at and we can talk details!

  3. Great post !

    Loving this and looking great !! :)


  4. This sounds like an amazing class! That first picture is especially beautiful and would love if you shared your illustrated versions too! The dress came out beautifully :)
    xo Hannah

    1. I definitely will post them! Once I stop procrastinating haha.

  5. Love these pictures so so much, especially the first one. :)