Tuesday, October 9, 2012


I look at the pictures I post on here and I realize how battered my shins look. You guys probably didn't notice. Whenever people point out their insecurities  I'm like "What? Your ears stick out? I never would have noticed!" But this isn't something I'm insecure about. It's simply something that is just true about me.
I'm really clumsy, guys. And by some act of fate I've never broken a bone or needed stitches. But boy have my legs taken a beating! I've got scars on them I don't even remember getting, and my bones are actually bumpy from weathering the jungle gyms of my youth and the less exciting doors I run into nowadays.
 Anyway, this is another of my "adventures" for class, to some gardens in my hometown. We ran across a pond that was literally opaque with algae, and everytime we walked near it, we'd scare a frog into jumping in. So naturally, we ran around the pond so all the froggies would plop in!
skirt, shoes-Goodwill
shirt-Miracle Hill
necklace-hobby lobby


  1. haha i'm totally the same way- i have all these battle scars on my knees from intense games of tag and dodge ball. I rather like them though- it's like a piece of my childhood I can carry around with me. And I looove your outfit here- those socks are the perfect little detail

    1. Scars tell a story, and I think that's so cool!
      Thankyou! I love ruffle socks.

  2. Loving that skirt, it's very Orla Kiely/Dear Creatures. I'm following you as well now!