Friday, May 31, 2013


I painted my nails and they match my socks!
I love blueberry muffins and tea.
I ordered a ring from Creature Type and I'm obsessed with it! Michelle is so cool, she included a little portrait of me and some candies!
We took a hike and it hurt my feet!
Me and my sister got treats to make us feel better.
I've got my own cubicle at work!

Wednesday, May 29, 2013


My sister took these pictures for me. She said she wanted to get good at photography, so we figured this was a good way to practice! She doesn't have the focus down, and I kept having to tell her to get my whole body in the shot, but I walked away with more pictures I liked than usual! 
I enjoyed being a walking wad of bubblegum for a day. I could get into the whole monochrome thing! When I put the dress on, I thought, "would pink shoes be too much?" and then wore them anyway.
 I did wear this to work. My Mom tells me to tone down the quirkyness while I'm there, I think she might be embarrassed of me! Let's be real, I look cool. I'm really enjoying my internship so far.
Have I told you guys the details about it yet? My Mom does accounting at a tire company, and she mentioned that I was looking for a design internship over the summer. It turns out they needed someone to do some design and branding work! I got really lucky. Everywhere else I emailed was like "yeah it's cool you'd work for free, but even we don't want you." I'm so glad I've got this opportunity to get real world design experience. So far I've done a flyer, a company birthday card, and a little tire man with a face.
This is my other cat (well, my sister's cat), Tuck. I tried to get him to model with me, but he's not as photogenic as Kit. He kept biting me, so I had to let him go.
 dress: Ruche
shirt: thrifted
shoes: BAIT
necklace: Forever 21
 I haven't done a weekly drawing in awhile, gotta get on that!

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Teen Witch

I love this picture because I think it makes me look like a teen witch. Something about the crazy hair, all black outfit that looks like it was straight from forever 21 (because it is) and the black cat just scream teenage magic to me.
But I'm not technically a teenager anymore, which is kindof weird to me. I'm stuck at age 18 in my mind (sometimes I still date my papers 2010), even though I like to think I'm cooler than I was back then. Last year I told my manager I was about to turn 20 and that I was excited. At the exact second he said "Not to be a teenager anymore, right?" I said "For the presents". Always a spoiled teen at heart!
After whining for awhile about my closet, I borrowed this dress from my sister's. She has a ton of cute dresses that she never really wears, and I love the cut out back on this one! It's not something I would have bought for myself, but I really like it!
I'm also introducing a new pair of shoes! I actually got a few compliments from random people on them (the doctor and my mom). I got them from sammydress, which is an Asian wholesale site. Not sure I'll be buying from those anymore, since the shipping is so expensive and it takes ages to get to the states... Travis ordered these for me like 2 months ago! Also I've noticed some of the display pictures are deceptive... I thought these had a clear T-strap on them but it turns out it was just something they put in the shoe to make it stand up right? They're still cute, though.
So how did you guys (in the US) spend your Memorial Day weekend? For the rest of you, your normal weekend? My family ordered a new laptop, took my sister to the Urgent Care place to treat a freak ear infection, and went on a hike! 
Happy Tuesday from me and Kit!

dress, diamond necklace, and crop top: forever 21
shoes: sammydress
socks: old navy
ring and hairbow: etsy
spike necklace: modcloth
bracelets: thrifted and bought at a festival

Monday, May 27, 2013

Clothing Clothing Everywhere

I am seriously pissed off at my closet right now. So here's another post featuring swapped items! The shirt is Erica's and the dress is Jen's!
Anyway, I'm sure I'm not the only one who's ever felt like she has a million clothes but nothing to wear. I mean, that's something people say, right? I just feel like I have a ton of clothes and I don't love them. And I really want to! It makes me feel guilty, like I spent money on these, why don't I love them?

And then I get into this random shame spiral, like "Rachel why are you so obsessed with clothes, there are starving people in Africa Rachel." Even though I do believe fashion is important as a manifestation of your personality and as an art form, I still get these twinges of guilt. It's always a process, getting my wardrobe into the shape I want it to be. Maybe my style is changing.
I also haven't been thrifting as much. And that makes me feel guilty too? Like I'm letting a part of my identity die (cue the violins plz). I don't want to spend tons of money on clothes, but I also don't want to get sucked into the fast fashion vortex. Grumpy grump grump.
dress: Jen's
shirt: Erica's
shoes: Target + DIY
socks: Old Navy
necklace: Modcloth
tote: FOR SALE in my shop!
There is a Memorial Day sale going on in my shop today only! Get 30% off when you enter code ICECREAM30 at checkout!

Friday, May 24, 2013


Hey hey hey!
Remember when I posted this dress back in April? And I said I had another look for it? This is that other look.
I was going to post it on Flock Together, but unfortunately, I had to quit! :( :( With my new internship (did I mention it's paid? Am I the luckiest or WHAT) and this huge senior thesis I've picked for myself, I just don't think I can keep up with it. I am really sad to go, though, because those ladies are all so great!
Anyway, this dress is still the greatest thing ever, and I still wish I owned it!
dress: borrowed from Marisa
hat, belt: thrifted
shoes: BAIT
cardigan: Target
sunglasses: Penny's
Today is my second day at my internship, and the first day I'll be doing something other than watching training videos. I'm going to work on rebranding some stuff for the benefits department, and hopefully on logo design for marketing! I have a cubicle and everything.
Happy Friday!

Thursday, May 23, 2013

DIY: How To Stamp Clothing

Hey guys!
Today I'm showing you a pretty specific DIY. For my senior thesis this coming year, I'm doing handprinted clothing. So I've started practicing now! Here's how I did it, in case you ever want to try this stuff yourself.
I used a three layer strawberry stamp, but one layer would be much simpler!

You'll need:
You can buy all these supplies at an art supply store, like dick blick or jerry's artarma!
Each knife is a different shape, and they work by scooping out the rubber. A wood carving kit would also work well!
 The ink I bought is oil based, and is made for paper and fabric.
I love my new strawberry shirt, and I really learned a lot about printing on fabric. For instance, to make things less messy, in the future I plan to mount the raised part of the stamp onto some wood.
Also, light colors don't come out too great on darker colors, like the yellow spots.