Monday, May 13, 2013

Grand Canyon Part 1

 I'm back from our vacation to the Grand Canyon! I took lots of pictures, so I'm splitting them into a couple posts for you guys. It was amazing, I'm so glad we went!
 I went on my first flight. I was super nervous, and guess what? I hate flying. It's cramped and loud and scary and the only redeeming part is the amazing view. Yeah yeah I know planes are like a zillion times safer than cars, but I just feel safer on the ground. Huge metal things defying gravity are like whaaaat.
 We had a layover in Dallas.
 Landing in Phoenix was so pretty! Like glitter city.
We spent the night at a super nice hotel that my Dad's cousin got us for free! Then we drove around Arizona, where everything is brown and cactus-themed.
Our first day in Arizona was actually super lame. We went to this meteor crater only to find out it closed an hour before we got there (yes you can close a hole in the ground) and then drove to Winslow with the sole purpose of standing on the corner there. If you know the Jackson Browne song, "Take it Easy", you'll know Winslow's only claim to fame. And we get there and the corner park has been torn down! The street sign we planned to take pictures with was laying in the dirt.
We at least got this gem of a photo on the way back to our cheapo hotel in Williams!
The next morning, we went to the Grand Canyon. And it was for real amazing. And huge.
 Why yes I did hike around in a dress all day! I saw a girl in a demin mini skirt though, so guess I win second place for apparent impracticality. We hiked around the rim the first day we were there.
 I had a stomach ache basically for the entire trip, which we blamed on the altitude. Most of the time it wasn't too bad, though. We ate at a really yummy restaurant in the park, where I had the best veggie burger of my life.
 The animals there were all pretty accustomed to tourists, and we saw lots of elk. Here's Travis hanging out with a friendly squirrel!
 My Mom spent a lot of time behind the camera. She never likes pictures of herself, but I think she looks beautiful!
 Travis was pretty obsessed with these binoculars.
 Selfies in front of the canyon!
I'll finish up the rest of the photos in the next post!


  1. The Grand Canyon looks magnificent! Great photos =)
    And coming from someone who wore cutoffs the last time she hiked (and then got her legs eaten by mozzies) you're golden, cute dress!

    - Che

  2. Love the photos!!! Thank your family for us for taking Travis. You guys look great!!!

  3. Looks fun! Weirdly I've been throgh AZ a fair amount of times but we've never stopped to go to the Grand Canyon. Must remedy that someday.

    Sorry to hear your were sick though. I used to live somewhere in a rather high altitude (7200 ft.) and saw that a lot with new people moving to the town. It sucks. Hope now you are feeling better!

    PS Your hair is adorable up like that with the kerchief!

  4. Oh wow, you had a lot of great pictures and had a lot of fun!
    I would love to go back there, it was magical!

  5. girlfren! you are making me SO homesick right now! I went to high school in arizona, and fell totally in love with the desert. I'm back in Utah for the summer and was just talking to a friend about a roadtrip to the grand canyon! can't wait!

  6. I love that you wore a dress! Totally something I'd do... You look so pretty :) My Hubby flew on a plane for the first time when he was 20. I've been flying since I was a baby so it's strange to me haha

  7. Stunning!

    Christina Klein

  8. Love the outfit, and the scenery is breath taking!!

  9. these photos are awesome and you look very pretty!

  10. Thanks for your comments on my blog! And OMG HOW CUTE IS YOUR STYLE. Seriously. I love the striped headband. I am on a mega-hunt for headbands like that. I adore them.
    Have fun on your trip!

    1. Thankyou! I actually just turned a shirt into a crop top and used the leftover fabric as a headband haha!


  11. so adorable I LOVE your hair. I just dyed my hair a similar colour and love it
    xo Ilana @ My Modern Vintage

  12. These pictures are amazing! I've never been to the Grand Canyon but it looks absolutely breathtaking. Wow, that was your first flight? Crazy! I hate flying too, but I do it all the time. I mostly just have a drink (or two) beforehand. Oh, and I love the red! I think red hair is super pretty on you Rachel ♥



    Southern (California) Belle

  13. It's like a dream! I want to go there!
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  14. That's what I call the perfect choice.

  15. I've always wanted to venture out to the Grand Canyon..actually ever since I saw that Brady Bunch episode as a kid...haha. Breathtaking...and how darling do you look in your hiking it!

  16. Wait, it's impractical to hike in a dress?! I don't hike in anything but dresses. You look incredible and awesome in the first picture and the jumping one! Did you get a new camera? These photos look wonderful and bright. I've never been to the grand canyon, but I feel like it's something I should do at some point. It looks wonderful.

  17. Looks like an amazing trip! Loving that shot of the squirrel, too funny!


  18. This is beyond beautiful! Wow! I'd love to one day go see the grand canyons, I can't imagine how beautiful it is in person!!! Love the pictures!


  19. Oh my gosh all those pictures of you guys on the cliff made my stomach turn. Scary!! Looks like you had a lot of fun though :)

    xo Ashley

  20. Your photos are so fun and scenic. Looks like you had a great time, thanks for sharing!

  21. WOW! The grand canyon!! I really want to go there sometime! Love your outfit!



    Personal Style Blog
    Hardloop Blog:

  22. As if you went to the Grand Canyon dressed that beautifully! Love the photos and you all look like you're having a really great time!


    P.S. I'm having a giveaway on my blog!

  23. Those pictures are so funny and nice, great that you've been there. Must be a pleasure!
    Love, Anna

  24. The trip sounds and looks super fun! I went there exactly a year ago and your post reminds me of the great place :) You look so pretty in a purple-ish dress, by the way :) xo akiko
    Style Imported

  25. What a beautiful photos and what a fantastic location too

  26. this is a place I would love to visit soon. :)

  27. lovely and simply perfect, you know im always in love with your purposes!
    finally i decided to comment you, hope youll follow me back <3

  28. wow those photos are beautiful!!!! yay!