Wednesday, May 29, 2013


My sister took these pictures for me. She said she wanted to get good at photography, so we figured this was a good way to practice! She doesn't have the focus down, and I kept having to tell her to get my whole body in the shot, but I walked away with more pictures I liked than usual! 
I enjoyed being a walking wad of bubblegum for a day. I could get into the whole monochrome thing! When I put the dress on, I thought, "would pink shoes be too much?" and then wore them anyway.
 I did wear this to work. My Mom tells me to tone down the quirkyness while I'm there, I think she might be embarrassed of me! Let's be real, I look cool. I'm really enjoying my internship so far.
Have I told you guys the details about it yet? My Mom does accounting at a tire company, and she mentioned that I was looking for a design internship over the summer. It turns out they needed someone to do some design and branding work! I got really lucky. Everywhere else I emailed was like "yeah it's cool you'd work for free, but even we don't want you." I'm so glad I've got this opportunity to get real world design experience. So far I've done a flyer, a company birthday card, and a little tire man with a face.
This is my other cat (well, my sister's cat), Tuck. I tried to get him to model with me, but he's not as photogenic as Kit. He kept biting me, so I had to let him go.
 dress: Ruche
shirt: thrifted
shoes: BAIT
necklace: Forever 21
 I haven't done a weekly drawing in awhile, gotta get on that!


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  2. I love the pink shirt underneath this pretty dress! And the shoes are perfect with it. Super pretty. And Tuck is such a cute cat!

    xox Sammi

  3. Love your style! Reminds me of Rachel from Glee. As I was writing this, I realized that your name is also Rachel.... haha

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  4. I love your dress! My mom would tell me the same thing, haha! I think it's good to get to be yourself in the workplace though. :)

  5. I like this. It is still spunky and you, but a bit of a seventies vibe going on.

    I always feel that there's a fine line between still dressing appropriately for work, and dressing so you like what you;re wearing/look like yourself. I have it easier than some since schools have dress codes in general (usually this means a certain height limit for hemlines, no jeans or sweats and no bared shoulders), but I always look at it as a fun challenge!

  6. I like dressing in pink, too, even though it's officially too girly for my age :) But that's fine, I like it! And I also like your pretty dress and that HUGE cat :)

  7. I really love the pink colour scheme here, too cute! Your shoes are really lovely and the floatiness of the dress is perfect :)
    Following you now!

  8. Ooh, I love the all pink! Your mom should be lucky to have a daughter so stylish :P

    This dress is just too adorable every time you wear it. And your sister did a great job!