Friday, May 24, 2013


Hey hey hey!
Remember when I posted this dress back in April? And I said I had another look for it? This is that other look.
I was going to post it on Flock Together, but unfortunately, I had to quit! :( :( With my new internship (did I mention it's paid? Am I the luckiest or WHAT) and this huge senior thesis I've picked for myself, I just don't think I can keep up with it. I am really sad to go, though, because those ladies are all so great!
Anyway, this dress is still the greatest thing ever, and I still wish I owned it!
dress: borrowed from Marisa
hat, belt: thrifted
shoes: BAIT
cardigan: Target
sunglasses: Penny's
Today is my second day at my internship, and the first day I'll be doing something other than watching training videos. I'm going to work on rebranding some stuff for the benefits department, and hopefully on logo design for marketing! I have a cubicle and everything.
Happy Friday!


  1. I love how you paired this with this! Those wedges are perfect for it!

  2. Congrats on the infers hip, sounds super exciting! That dress us a dream <3

  3. I'm still so sad that you're leaving, but again I completely understand! Make sure you mention that in your last post on there too so the Flock Together readers can say goodbye too :)

    I so cannot wait to borrow this dress, I love this way that you wore it too! The green shoes are the perfect complement!

  4. Love that dress! I am so into yummy prints right now and Modcloth has plenty of it :)

  5. I'm obsessed with you in this pie dress. I can't wait to try it out in the future! I'm sad to see you leave Flock Together but I know you'll keep rocking it in your realm of the blogosphere. :)

  6. I don't think this dress could be any more perfect!!!! I mean…PIES?!?!?!?! holy crap. and how lucky of you that you get a paid internship!!!!

  7. Thanks so much for stopping by my blog!
    I really like your outfit here, the dress is so pretty and I wouldn’t mind having this in my closet! :-)
    I also love your blog name!

    Have a great day,

  8. that pie dress is so so cute, and I love those shoes as well! thanks so much for stopping by my blog!
    Rebecca @ tr[i]b[e]cca