Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Sweet and Edgy

When I got this dress in the mail from Hannah, I fell in love just a little. It's such a pretty color and I love how simple and sweet it is. So I was all, "What's a good excuse to wear this more than once before I give it back?" So here I've styled it sweet and edgy.
For my sweet look, I layered it over a peter pan collar and popped a floral crown on my hat. Plus some knee high socks and little flats!
hat: thrifted
crown: diy
shoes: target + diy
For the edgy outfit I pulled on my best ripped up tights and let my bra show through the dress (oooooh scandelous)! I also wore my awesome new ring from Michelle's etsy store. I love it so much!
hat: forever 21
tights: romwe
shoes: thrifted
Yeah so I might make this a regular feature? If I can learn to photoshop a little better...


  1. I love seeing two different looks with the same dress! It shows your versatility too :) I particularly love your black hat! I'd love one that's that shape.

  2. I love how different the dress looks with the right accesories! I especially like the edgy outfit.

  3. So cute. Love the dress, and I love the two looks.

    xox Sammi

  4. Both looks are great, I'd definitely go for the sweet look but I'm jealous of how well you rock the edgy! This dress was a dream, wasn't it?! P.S. I was just thinking about wearing my floral crown on top of a hat the other day! Twinners :)

  5. this is so awesome! i have that dress in peachy pink and generally wear it with a nude tank top or bra underneath and all the old southern women here just GLARE at me 'cause like you said it's so ~ scandalous!

    needless to say i prefer the edgy look ;-)

  6. Both looks are really fun. Though I'm not sure I'd be quite so brave with the edgy look , it is my favorite

  7. Love the color of that dress - I've been looking for a dress in lilac. I'd say the sweet look is good for the day and the edgy look is good for night.

  8. ok this is awesome- i love how you styled it both ways! and white dresses are so perfect for the summer; they always make me think of running barefoot through meadows. also, popping flower crowns on hats= clever, clever :)

    xo Marlen
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  9. this pastel purple is absolutely perfecttttt! and that hat cannot be cuter ;) also, I fall in love with your hair every time I see it!

  10. Aahhh, you look awesome! I've had a crush on that AA dress for ages. I love the look of a black bra under a translucent top/dress. It's such an intentional "yes, I know you can see through this" attitude which I think is really fun. 8) Also, yay I knew you would rock that ring! <3 <3