Sunday, May 5, 2013

The Grand Tour

Now that I'm home and unpacked, I thought I'd show you guys around my room! It's my favorite place in the world and for the past week I've just grinned every time I've walked in. It's nice to be back!
As far as decorating goes, I'm not really the minimalist type.
I've got so much art, I've started sticking it up all over my walls. I'm also starting to collect prints from my favorite artists!
 Oh and I have a huge mural of fish in my room.
I painted this a couple summers ago when I thought my room needed a change from it's orange and pink color scheme (of which the chair is a remnant)! The piles of clothes are for my etsy shop and things that need to be altered.
A nice panorama of my closet.
My favorite kitty is pretty glad I'm home, too!


  1. That fish mural is GORGEOUS! I would've thought it was wallpaper.

  2. First thing I spotted: BAIT pink shoes! ahah

  3. nothing says "welcome home" like a cat (or two!) on the bed! i love your art wall

  4. It's gorgeous. I adore swans and kitty cats and I have always wanted those sorts of lights. Love the fish that is so unique. I'm not the minimalist type either LOL

  5. Wow you painted that mural? I love it! You are endlessly talented girl :) I love that you're starting a collection of art on your walls.