Thursday, May 2, 2013

Sweet as Can Be

 This is probably one of the best dresses I have. I got it in high school at a Dillards Clearance Center for like $30. It's pretty tight in the chest since I was smaller then, but it was definitely worth the money since this sash that came with it is like a staple in just about ever outfit I wear!
 It makes me feel like Alice in Wonderland!
 I've had these tights in a drawer since high school as well! And for some reason, I never wear them. But look, they're sweet as can be!
 dress: Dillards
tights: Target
shoes: BAIT
cardigan: thrifted
black collared shirt (under dress): forever 21


  1. Super cute!!! What a great deal on that dress! And the tights are so cute! You should wear them more. Love your style and blog.

  2. oh woooow this is really absolutely adorable, cute as candy!!! love the light blue and light pink together and what a darling dress!

  3. I love those shoes and tights together!

  4. I love being able to say some of the stuff I own is from high school (there is a cape I wear ALL the time that is from high school). This dress is so cute - and has held up well it seems! It is kind of like Alice in Wonderland, especially with your floral tights!

    1. I think it looks like Alice in Wonderland, too!

  5. It does look a bit Alice in Wonderland like! it's such a beautiful dress :) And I love it with the crazy pattern tights!

  6. This is totally my style. What a gorgeous look, so sweet and pretty.

  7. Wow, that dress is so so pretty.
    And I love your tights. And your glasses.
    And that cardigan. I just love the whole
    outfit. ;D

  8. The photos is just like Alice in Wonderland. Beautiful photos and stylize :)