Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Just Desserts

 Oh my god you guys, this pie dress. I borrowed it from Marisa, and I'm for real in love with it. And for obvious reasons. Unfortunately, this perfect perfect dress is just a bit out of my price range. I just count myself lucky to wear it for a little while!
I will be posting this dress on Flock Together sometime (probably in June, yikes!) styled in a slightly more creative way. Sometimes I'm torn between styling things interestingly and just wearing them as is on the blog. I mean, if I'm just wearing a dress, what's the use in posting that, right? Anyone can wear a dress, that's like me basking in the glow of the designer's genius. Styling it creatively is something new I can bring to the table! But then again, this is my personal fashion blog, and if I want to post a plain old dress, I will!
Speaking of sweets, I hope you guys had a good Easter. I'm not religious, so for me this Sunday involved sleeping in and waking up to a basket full of chocolate! We dyed eggs the night before and "the Easter Bunny" even hid them around the house! Keep in mind, there's no one living in my house under the age of 19 haha. It was super cute and I see no reason for childlike traditions like that to end!
 dress: Marisa's
shoes: modcloth
cardigan: f21
necklace: thrifted


  1. Oh my goodness-those shoes! They are just the most darling thing. And you're right-what a perfect dress! can't wait to see how else you styled it :)

  2. Oh my gosh, what an amazing dress! That print is seriously adorable. I love that necklace, too, what a great find!

  3. This dress is amazing * - *


  4. While I like seeing how creatively people can wear things, I don't think wearing things simply ("as is") is a sign of no style. The small, subtle things, like your red shoes and your necklace still give it a different look than Marisa or someone else wearing it. I like how you styled it :)

    And look forward to June too, of course.

  5. I really think when its an impactful dress you should let it shine. Then maybe later style it? Love this dress. Such a unique, quirky print!

  6. I want those shoes!

  7. Okay, I'm convinced I need to borrow this now too. How is it possible for a dress to be this adorable?? I love it with the red shoes, the dress definitely calls for a good bright shoe.

  8. I can't wait to try this dress! I think it looks so very cute on you Rachel, I especially love your summery wedges!



    Southern (California) Belle