Friday, April 19, 2013


 AGH why do my photos by the railroad tracks always turn out like poop?
I'll tell ya why. It's because I get hella sweaty trekking out there. And also because I'm not a good photographer haha.
I borrowed this dress from Erica, and I wore it for a Marketing presentation on a fake product called "Ab Wax Surf Wax." It's short for "Abstinence Wax" because one of our main competitors was "Sex Wax" which is real and I am not making it up. Here's the logo I designed for it LOL.

 Anyway, this dress is awesome, and the most awesome part of it is the full, twirly skirt! I would've loved to wear this out dancing, yknow, if I ever went out dancing.
 dress: Erica's
shoes, necklace: Modcloth
socks: Walmart
blazer: Goodwill (coolest find, amirite?)
bag: Fred Flare
Peace Out, Girl Scouts.


  1. love the outfit! do you know who makes the dress? it's adorable!

    Emma from little motley

  2. hahahhahhaah abstinence wax!!! to die :) i use sex wax on my board :D lol