Thursday, April 25, 2013

Cat Shorts For Adoption

 I am trying to get creative with my drawings on here... digital art is so hard for me!
 And HEY HEY check out these cat shorts! I've got 4 pairs in stock in my etsy store, so get you some for spring! These puppies are looking for a loving home, haha! I get tons of compliments on these whenever I wear them, and these navy ones are my personal faves.
 There's something to be said for just a plain white tee, am I right? I rarely just wear a tshirt, this is one of the only ones in my closet, and the only plain one!
I swear I tried taking pictures in 3 different locations, and my standard brick wall behind the gym was the only one that worked out. I see all this beautiful photography on other blogs and I want to give new locations a try! Since I'll have my Mom's DSLR to myself all summer I'm going to experiment with some new stuff.
shirt: everlane
shoes: converse
cardigan: travis's, from ae
socks: diy
shorts: thrifted, handpainted by me!
necklaces: modcloth and f21


  1. THESE ARE SO CUT! I kind of want the red ones really bad but I have theworst luck with shorts. Maybe I should find a pair that fits me well and send them over to you to paint :D If I can find a pair that fits me well that's hard. I love this outfit - the shorts look amaaazzzinnng on you

  2. those shorts are SO incredibly cute! I've been revving up to painting some of my own shorts too-thanks for motivating me!

  3. Awww cute kitty cats!

  4. I LOVE the shorts! Omg! I am so so tempted to buy the navy ones, but if you still have them when I start getting a paycheck- consider them sold!

  5. Those shorts are so cool!!! :)

    xo. Mandy

  6. Fun shorts! I have a bunch of plain t-shirts. I usually buy them with the idea to paint something on them, but never do and just end up wearing plain shirts haha