Saturday, December 29, 2012

You're A Star DIY

I know I have been super slack on the DIYs lately... mostly because I've been busy preparing for my shop launch (coming in January!) BUT ANYWAY.
(I like to pretend I'm not actually wearing too much blush and it's just a bad picture)

Ever since I saw these star pins on Modcloth, I've been wanting a pair of my own! And let me tell you. They are easy to make. I whipped up a pair to wear to my family's Christmas get together (and then got scheduled to work. I plan on wearing them into work instead).

Here's what you'll need:
 1. First, draw some stars (or whatever shape you want) on your paper, and cut them out.
2. Cover one side of the shape in glue. You can use a brush, or just smoosh it on there like I did.
 3. Now cover those suckers in glitter!
 4. Now you have to wait for them to dry, so go watch TV or something. Once they are dry you can shake off the excess glitter, and grab yourself a bobby pin.
 5. Last, hot glue the pin onto the back of the shape!
Now you're done! For extra security, you can tape the pin to the star over top of the hot glue... mine broke a few times.


  1. These are adorable Rachel! If I was at home with my craft stuff and not traveling I would so make these for NYE, perfect timing for a cute and sparkling DIY!

  2. Oh, what a cute idea! I love how easy this is. I've been wondering about these :] Now I just need a hot glue gun!
    {Em ♥}

  3. I've been wanting to do this forever (with a heart, I think) and this is definitely encouragement! Thanks for sharing. 'Cause it really is as simple as it looks.

  4. sweet diy! perfect for new years eve<3