Friday, November 6, 2015

Loud Socks

After I returned to this lil bloggy to rant, I got inspired by my own cute outfit pictures, to make some time and take some more. It's been harder to keep up lately since I only have one wall to shoot against, and if it's cloudy I get nothin but grain. But I remembered how much I liked documenting little blips of my life this way, so here I am!

An update: I had knee surgery three weeks ago for a torn meniscus. My two weeks out of work was filled with sleep, netflix, and a little bit of pt. I got a stomach virus halfway thru, so that sucked. I couldn't even get on my knees to throw up! Thankfully, my bosses gave me some paperwork so I could still get some hours at home, and some kind friends bought from my easy as well, so I am doing very ok. I am back at work now, and my knee seems to be holding up well. It's kind of popping some, and that makes me nervous, and I really don't want to injure it again. Since the only thing I did to hurt it in the first place was stretch, I am walking on eggshells trying not to do anything wrong.

I am obsessed with the socks I got from Happy Socks recently. I've always maintained that loud socks are an important part of any wardrobe, and they've got tons of great ones! I highly recommend. And I'm wearing my new favorite lipstick, Lady Danger from Mac. (All my favorite lipsticks are from Mac.)


  1. A nice boss and good friends! Hope your knee is feeling better!

  2. Aw I hope your knee keeps improving and I'm glad you were able to work a little bit while recovering.

    You look so super cute here with your bow blouse and fun socks. I'm loving your makeup here too. That orange-y red lipstick looks amazing on you.

    Jamie |

  3. I hope your knee continues to heal properly! This outfit is so adorable!