Tuesday, March 15, 2016


As a general rule, I've never really liked how maxi dresses look on me. But this one is like, the perfect garment! I think I like it so much because it cinches in at the waist. I wish I had gotten a pic of the back, because there's a cute lil cut out! It's Free People, I love their stuff... not like I could afford it new :o)

I hope to go outside to take some pictures at some point, because the lighting in my apt is rarely bright enough for decent photos. Unless I stand waaaaay stiller than I was today, haha!

If you guys haven't read my comic, I would really appreciate it if you do and follow along :^)


  1. You look great in this maxi dress, but I totally feel the same way about them too. I love the vampy color!


  2. You look so stylish in those glasses, very 1950s!