Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Birkenstocks ??

Looks like I'm in black and white again today! Feelin cute as can be! Lately I've been opening at the store, so my closing shift today means a nice break from getting up early. I'm debating giving these shoes whirl at work, since I'm on my feet all day.

Shoes have actually been a big source of my anxiety as of late; Trav got me some Birkenstocks for my birthday, and I was super pumped to have such reportedly comfy shoes. I got a 37, and I usually wear a size 7-7.5. They still seemed pretty big - my heel doesn't sit in the back of the footbed. So I bought this tiny used pair we had at work, a 35. They seemed like they fit, but they're worn into someone else's feet, and they gave me blisters after a couple hours. Blisters! From the "comfy" shoes! So now I am trying to figure out if I should exchange the 37s for 36s, or just wear the 37s and hope for the best. It's stressing me out because they are such expensive shoes, and the leather sole gets discolored so fast I know I won't be able to return them after I wear them once! Anyone have any experience with Birks and how they fit/break in?

This dress was such a major find for me. Straightening the racks and I saw the Dear Creatures label? In my size? And these shoes are Seychelles, too! Best part of the job.


  1. Love the dear creatures dress, what an awesome score! I seriously would spend ALL of my paycheck shopping if I worked where you did!

  2. Oh I know what you mean..maybe you could try those special bandaids/pads or wear socks (in the house) to break into them. On the brighter side, you look fantastic, from head to toe! :))

  3. Such a lovely dress :D Wish I could help you with the birkin stock issue. A lot of times for me the "comfy" shoes fit funny. I swear plain old ballet flats work best for me...

  4. I love these last two black and white looks! Love the gauzey little sweater and those shoes are sooo sexy! Good luck with your birkenstock hunt, I tried a pair of knock offs from Target & they gave me blisters too x_x


  5. I love the dress so much!