Sunday, July 1, 2012


 I was going for a retro-looking outfit with primary colors this time! I got this Crayola shirt from my sister, free free free! I'm not huge on Tshirts, but I'm kinda glad I kept this one. It actually says "banana split" on the side. And whatever "banana split" is in Spanish! Authentic!
 I really only wore this around the house, though. These socks were way too big, and here is proof for you that I don't know how to tie a frickin head scarf! Either I'm doing something wrong or my head is just weirdly shaped. I wouldn't doubt that, really.
 So how about we talk about this heat! I know it's hot everywhere, but in South Carolina, it's been breaking 100 daily. Seriously, this was the only time I even walked out. I was like snap snap, pose pose, run inside. Or crawl.
 shirt-free gift woo!
shorts-thrifted calvin kleins, $4
socks-old navy, $2
heels-thrifted from sid&nancy, $17
scarf-thrifted, $1

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