Tuesday, July 24, 2012

All Yellow

 So this whole outfit shoot thing was basically me figuring out how to work my new camera! My sister got me this shirt for my birthday. She picked it out and everything! I love it!
 I took all these in my backyard. There is apparantly a big old tree that just fell over back there that I just didn't know about. Looks dangerous.
 Also how about these new glasses? I think they're so cute! I've never had the kind with little plastic nose feet. What are those things called?
Nose feet pfft.

blouse-charlotte russe
jean shirt and shorts-thrifted
I know you can't see my necklace too well, but it is bona fide vintage! I got it from an ex-boyfriend's mom who owned it in the 60s. It has an "R" on it for "Ruth Ann". How nice was she to give it to me?


  1. Hi , i really like this outfit .. the top is so cute ...i like the yellow with the red soks ;) p.s poor tree :DD

    1. Thanks! I didn't even know it had fallen over! It looks like something I woulda heard, huh?