Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Future's So Bright I Gotta Wear Shades

Hi guys! And hi from my bellybutton, too. In the past I was the first to say that showing off your mid drift is the opposite of classy. But I've come around! Showing my bellybutton makes me an eensy bit nervous, but I plan on wearing this with skirts that come up higher than these shorts in the future. And really, how could I resist this shirt? When I put it on I swear I heard a chorus of heavenly angels. Really.
I wore these sequined Converses to my junior prom and thought I was the coolest thing since sliced bread. Speaking of prom, here's a story from my senior year:
They had fishies in vases on all the tables. I remembered my math teacher telling us a story about how when she helped set up for past proms, they made her flush all the goldfish that were in a decoration fountain. I was determined not to let these fish meet the same fate. When it was time to leave, I grabbed a vase and stuffed it under my date's coat and walked right out. I passed my principal and he just smiled and handed me a free waterbottle! I named the fish Tom Cruise because I thought I was a spy like Mission Impossible.
Anyway, once I got the fish home I realized there were initials on the bottom of the vase. The prom committee had already claimed these fish! I felt so guilty I turned myself into the teacher in charge of it all. And lucky me, she said she had plenty extra and gave me another one.
Both those fish are now dead.
 I love this bag. It's got like, heiroglyphics on it! I got a new camera for my birthday (and my Mom and sister took me on a wonderful, big thrifting trip!) and these are the first pictures I did myself with the self timer! WOO! I am so excited to be able to take my own photos, now I can share DIYs with you guys!
 Like my dragonflies?
shorts, bag, top, belt, hat- thrifted
shoes-delias, I think, but maybe journeys
shades- jcpenny


  1. That top is SO cute, I can definitely see how you heard angels! I love that lots of the outfit was thrifted & your adorable little animations on the pictures too!
    Hope you are having a wonderful day!
    xo Hannah
    p.s. I am holding a giveaway for $40 to my vintage shop & would love for you to enter!:)

    1. Thanks so much! When winter rolls around I'll have to get creative to keep wearing it, haha!

  2. loving your top!!


  3. Hi your sunglasses are very beautiful and the bag is an unique piece !!! p.s I had 2 fishs too, but both of them died ....poor fishs ;))))

    1. Thanks!
      Fish aren't the best pets, huh? They're not even cuddly.