Wednesday, July 11, 2012


 I got this fabulous new dress on sale at shopruche! It was even cheaper when I ordered it. It's kindof a hassle to get on, because it comes with this sheer slip that's like, buttoned into the sleeves of it, but it's very worth it, I think!
 My Mom took these pictures for me with her new Sony point-and-shoot camera. I tried to convince her to splurge on a DSLR for herself but she's pretty stubbornly frugal! They came out in a really weird wide-screen format, as you can see with the real long skinny photos that I didn't crop.
 My hair looks silly partially because I'm a lazy bum with minimal know-how, and partially because I got caught in the rain! It was so hot out, and then this shower came out of nowhere! I got drenched and then we went straight into the air-conditioned mall and suddenly I was freezing! Sorry weather, you can't make me happy no matter how you try!
 I also had a meeting at work where we had to try on jeans, and I looked real stylish tuckin' this thing into jeans. Pfft.
dress-Ruche, $20
socks- Walmart, like $5 for a pack of three
shoes- Goodwill, $4.25
necklace- family heirloom
headband and jewelry-gift and flea market
I'm trying to brag about my thrifty prices, and I can't even remember half of 'em.

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