Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Basically Famous

Hi guys! I bet you've been wondering: "What did Rachel wear yesterday?"

Yeah, I thought so. So here's what I wore! I for real ought to jazz up the types of posts I do on here. I haven't done a DIY in ages... maybe I'll start showing some of the clothes I alter, too? Would you guys think that's cool?

I kindof love the picture above, because the camera caught the exact moment when the skirt left my hand. Also my legs look surprisingly rugged?

Some interesting goings on in my life right now:

1. We did our one-repetition maxes in weightlifting, and I can bench the least. Out of our entire class.
2. I'm officially tumblr famous, as one of my arts hit 10,000 notes last night!
3. I ate sushi last night instead of school food.
4. One of my old teachers wants me to do a mural for her nursery, which is super exciting.
5. I met with some fine arts kids that are going to put on a military-inspired fashion show! Also very exciting, but I was probably the only kid who didn't know anyone else at the meeting, and stared at my feet most of the time.

Skirt: River Island via Asos
Striped Shirt: Walmart
Sweater: Thrifted + DIY
Shoes: Bait
Brooch: Handmade by me, for sale in my shop!
Camera Bag: Thrifted

I hope you guys are having a really great week! <33


  1. Ha! I love that second to last photo of you - so much sass contained in one picture. I'm loving this entire fall look on you. Congrats on being Tumblr famous! So awesome to see your work shared. :)

  2. Congrats on your Tumblr fame! So glad your art is getting the credit it deserves!

  3. "Basically famous" = the best kind of famous.

    Mmm sushi. The Ingles in the little mountain town I work in has a sushi chef now, which is sort of happy and bizarre at the same time since I have a hard time picturing most of the people who live in this town ever agreeing to eat real sushi. But I snagged some spicy salmon the other day and basically died of happiness. Which means that now I want sushi all. the. time. because I can just go get it! It's right there waiting for me!

  4. That shot of your skirt leaving your hand is SUPER cool. Congrats on your Tumblr fame, and yes, I would love to see some DIYs!

  5. Tumblr famous and 10000 likes WOAH!!! I don't know much about tumblr but that sounds pretty amazing! You look adorable, love the bait shoes and your handmade kitten brooch is the best. I have been feeling the same way about my outfits! I feel like I am getting less and less comments and people must be bored with what I am doing, need to mix it up a bit! I would personally love to see some pieces you altered! :)
    xo Hannah

  6. Congrats on your tumblr famousness! Also, how was I not following you before?! So, hey, you have a new follower (it's my personal account, not my fashion accout, btw). I'm glad you said something about your legs in that shot cos I was going to say that they looked amazing and I didn't want to come off as a creeper. Haha. Definitely post your DIYs.