Monday, September 23, 2013

Flare Jeans

Helloooooooo jeans!

Now that the weather is finally cooling off a little, I'm getting excited to wear sweaters, drink warm things with whipped cream, and go apple picking (mark my words, I will this year). I found these high waisted flares at American Eagle on sale and thought about them for a whole week before I went back and bought them. I'm glad I did, though, they're actually just as comfy as my skirts.

I wore this outfit to a birthday party of my friend's at a Japanese place where we had to take off our shoes. I was like, "Do these really count as shoes?"

I know it looks like I'm trying really hard to have a good time in this photo, but I really was in a fine enough mood!

Hat, Bag, Shirt: Thrifted (Shirt made sleeveless by me)
Jeans: American Eagle
Shoes: Asos
Earrings: Handmade by me
Brooch: Handmade, available in my shop!

If you haven't already taken this 5 minute survey on my thesis project, please do! Thanks so much to those who have, you've been a huge help!


  1. You look so adorably put together! Everything is cohesive. I took your survey, btw!

  2. This outfit makes me think of Anne of Green Gables having some kind of freakishly cool descendent who does NOT like puffy sleeves.

    Which, if you haven't read the books, will mean nothing to you. But! Nonetheless. I soldier on.

    One day I will understand jellies. maybe.

  3. your braids are so cute, and love that top:)

  4. Those jeans (and your brooch) = AWESOME!
    But once again, those shoes! Super AWESOME!

  5. I'm gonna need that top! So adorable!

  6. I have never seen you in jeans before, I think?

    But love you in these so much. Actually this whole outfit is a favorite of mine of your outfits. All the elements gel together perfectly.

  7. You look really good in flare jeans! I think it fits the whole outfit too.
    The hat look so cute on you! :D

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    cassandra xx