Monday, September 2, 2013


Weekends are the best. I feel like that's the only time I really even take pictures of anything, and maybe I should try to document weekday life more. But here are a few photos from my last two weekends.

Packing is relaxin.


Getting junk food at the drive through.

Buying groceries.

Drawing on ourselves with permanent marker.
I feel like I should explain that this was my attempt at an ottoman-turkish islamic decoration thing, since Travis is really into that. It's not supposed to look like a swastica!

Meeting kitties!

I basically live for the weekends these days, and I usually spend them lazing. This weekend though, I got to meet up with the lovely ladies behind Be Like the Fox and We Live Upstairs, as well as get some much needed shopping (therapy) done. I hope you all have the day off! I still have school on labor day.


  1. How fun to get to meet up with other bloggers.

  2. Meeting kitties is the best. Ugh can't believe this long weekend has come to an end! Love the faux tats :)
    xo Hannah

  3. this is all so sweet <3 and i love the drawing on your hand!

  4. Oh my, it seems like such lovely time <3

  5. fun:) I love the idea of marker tattoos. I've been wanting to do henna for a while now but this is so much cheaper!

  6. Weekends sometimes feel like the only time I can breathe, it's terrible! I really need to find a way to make some more down-time during the week.