Friday, September 21, 2012

The Other Side of the Tracks

 Our campus is divided by a railroad. All the buildings but two apartment complexes are on one side. I literally live on the other side of the tracks! Don't you just love when your life becomes a pun? Or a play on words? Or a idiom? I think it's an idiom.
 So I got this pretty pink shirt at the Miracle Hill back home. It's pale pink, you can hardly tell in these photos. But it looks way better on a person than on a hanger. And, introducing my favorite blazer ever! I've actually photographed it before, back in like, March.
 I was beginning to think these train cars were abandoned for good out here. But they disappeared overnight, so someone somewhere must love them!
 shirt-miracle hill
skirt-once a dress, from sid&nancy
necklace-forever 21
And to finish off, a blurry artsy photo of the railroad in the sun!


  1. The house I just lived in earlier this year had train tracks in the backyard. I always teased with my friends that I was "from the wrong side of the tracks." lol
    So I totally understand what you're talking about!

    I adore your outfit. It has such a pretty mix of vintage & pretty patterns. I can tell you're a very good thrifter! :)

  2. I love how you've restyled the dress into a blouse, very cute!