Thursday, September 27, 2012


 I'm considering opening an etsy shop to sell some illustration prints and vintage clothing. Sometimes I just want to quit school and be a fashion designer. And I'm an illustration major! School is fun for me!
When I graduate I really really want to just open up a vintage shop that I curate. I'm really into design and atmosphere and I just can't wait to do the window displays and set up the interior.
But I'm afraid of losing money. It's hard enough to make a living with illustration as it is.
 But about the etsy shop. I'm scared of doing that too. I might wait until I have more of a following. What do you guys think? I have loads of vintage I'd love to sell!
 On the day I wore this, Travis and I went on an adventure of sorts to the river where we played with the geese and waded into water a sign informed us was dangerous to swim in. It was a beautiful day.
I am wearing heels in only this picture! I changed shoes halfway through the day so we could go to the river.
boots-Wanted, via Delias
shirt-TJ Maxx or maybe Ross?
collar-handmade by me


  1. that's so cool that you handmade your collar!! I think you should definitely start up an etsy store, and sell little accessories like collars and stuff, and if that takes off, start selling clothing and stuff :) start small and work your way up!

    very talented, and gorgeous photos :) following now xx

    1. Thanks, you're too nice!
      I just gotta get up the courage!

  2. I relation to the esty store - you won't know untill you try ;)