Monday, September 10, 2012

DIY Hat Wreath

Hey! Hi! Hey!
Here's the DIY for the hat wreath from my last post. It's simple and lovely and you should make a million!
 1. You need a hat, some fake flowers, and some wire.
 2. Wrap your wire around the hat a few times and hold it in place with your hand. It needs to be the right size so it will fit back on the hat when you're done.
3. Wrap some wire to hold the circle in place.
 4. It should look like this. Wrap wire around different parts of the circle as you did in step 3. 
5. Cut the flowers off of the stems with some wire cutters, or nice strong scissors.
 6. Arrange your flowers around the wire ring in any way you like!
 7. Wrap wire around the flowers to attach them to the ring. Here's a close up!
 8. Do this all the way around, so that you have a pretty little wreath!
 9. Put it on your hat and wear it everywhere you go!
Fun fact: Until the 9th grade I thought "voila" was pronounce "vye oh la". It's "vwah lah" just in case anyone else is still in the dark.


  1. so lovely ... awesoem idea!!!

    1. Thankyou! I'm definitely going to make more!

  2. Wow is so gorgeous !!! I will try to do it :)

  3. That looks so cute!

  4. This is so clever! I've always wanted to spruce up some cheap old hats! The finished product is fabulous! xx

  5. oh this dyi is very helpful! thank you for sharing ! <3