Monday, September 24, 2012


 I just looked at these pictures and realized I didn't get a shot of the full outfit. Pff.
 The other day I realized I was dressed like a kindergardener, so I looked in my closet for something to edgy it up a little bit, and I came up with ZIP. No leather, no studs, no black really. I was so bummed out I resolved to look for specifically edgy pieces on future shopping trips. I ended up throwing on a fishing hat and pretending it made the dress less girly.
 As for this outfit, I was going for pattern mixing. Oh yeah.
everything else-Goodwill
The skirt was once a dress, I chopped off the top half for some reason I can't remember.


  1. if you think you dress like a kindergardner you are the most stylish one I know! Love the mixed floral prints, especially the red top that matches your shoes!