Tuesday, September 25, 2012


 I didn't realize when I got dressed how well my cardigan matched my nail polish. I also didn't realize the background matched my jewelry until halfway through photographing! Aren't happy accidents great?
 I ate at Panera, and the checkout guy told me I looked like Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz! I don't think he'd seen the movie recently. He probably just doesn't see girls in pigtails often.
 What's your favorite thing about fall? I think mine might be the blue sky. The sky is never so blue as it is in fall. Or maybe the crisp air, which is a really nice change from South Carolina's humid summers. Or the colorful leaves. I hope this year is a dramatic one!
Color-wise, of course.
I've been watching Scrubs nonstop lately. That's because the Netflix I mooch off of needs to be renewed. But no complaining here! There's a reason I have all the seasons on DVD!
dress-handmade by me
vest, belt, boots-goodwill
sweater-my mom got it... somewhere.


  1. Those nails are awesome. Love the blues and browns together. And I too love Scrubs. So jealous that your have all the seasons on DVD :D


    1. Thankyou!
      I am still missing the last one before JD left, I think!

  2. I think this matchy-matchyness is too cool! I love your quirky little pine cone necklace.

    I laughed out loud about the guy thinking you looked like Dorothy. You look nowhere near her. It must be the pigtails because that is the only similarity I see as well!

    I think that fall seems to have some of THE prettiest sunsets. I look forward to them all year! :)

    1. Thankyou! I got it at the flea market!
      I know! Dorothy for one, did not wear scruffy looking boots.

      Sounds lovely, I hope this year's are the prettiest yet!

  3. love your lace up shoes so much ...


    1. Thanks! Everytime I see a pair of laced brown booties I have to remind myself I already have some... otherwise I'd just buy them all!