Friday, September 28, 2012

Empty Apartment

 This is one of the dresses I made! But with a vest.
I took these pictures in my living room. No one uses it at all ever, not even me. Except to take pictures of myself, apparently. While I was shooting the exterminator walked in and I sort of slunk away like I wasn't just posing for a tripod.
 I have some suitemates I live with, but I almost never see them. One of them I see a couple times a week, and the other I haven't seen since I moved in! If I saw her on campus I would probably not even recognize her!
 I added the straps to these heels myself. It was really easy, but I'll post a quickie DIY later this week!
I got this cool bracelet from Goodwill! It's hard to find jewelry there normally, so this was exciting.
I spent way too much money this week at romwe and modcloth, so I'm putting myself under some thrifting restrictions for awhile. To make myself feel less guilty.
 dress-handmade by me
vest, necklace, bracelet-Goodwill