Sunday, September 16, 2012

Seasonally Inappropriate

Oversized sweater + short skirt? Yes please!
I love the overall girliness of this outfit. Pastels and embroidery and lace and flowers... I don't think it could get much better! 
It does look a bit more spring-y than fall-y though, huh?
 My roomate, Laura, got me this cool necklace. It pops open to reveal a little clock! It seems that everytime I need to check the time my hands are full, though.
 Got these Keds at Goodwill. They're slightly too small, but when it comes to thrift store shoes, I normally take what I can get. I've been wanting some Keds for awhile!
 sweater, keds: Goodwill
hat: American Eagle (they didn't even let me get my employee discount since I'm away for school!)
skirt: delias


  1. aw, that necklace is so charming. i love how it's a secret clock! and this outfit is so cute- i love mixing long sweaters with skirts. and all the different textures blend do well here!

    1. Thankyou! I'm a huge fan of lace and knits!

  2. love this outfit! & the keds! i found myself a pair of black ones thrifting that were slightly to big, lol... but after i moved 2 weeks ago, ONE IS MISSING! OMG! i'm heartbroken.

    1. Thanks!
      Man, what a bummer! I hate when something goes mysteriously missing like that.